Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May Day!

Hooray for May! May is one of my favorite months. It rates right up there with November. And since I only have two favorite months I guess it 's one of the two.

And in 4 days my baby is going to turn 2! I can't believe it. Two. We've been practicing saying "two" but he will still hold up 5 fingers when asked how old he is! When you are little it's hard to hold those fingers down! I can still remember labor and delivery so you can safely determine that I am not pregnant!

While I was putting some of Owen's too small clothes away yesterday he saw his Halloween costume hanging in the closet and had to wear it. I didn't argue because I knew it would be a cute photo opp!
The Peek-a-Boo Mouse.
We don't have a full length mirror upstairs so he was in the kitchen looking at himself in the stove and dishwasher. I did turn on iPhoto so he could see himself on the computer. And I also did a little video of him. I think I'll cry when this costume doesn't fit anymore.

I decided a couple of weeks ago I needed a project for May. So I'm doing a little photo journal called 31 days in May. I found this little 4x6 album at Target one day on clearance for like $1.50 and knew it would be perfect for a little project.

I designed the sticker in PSE and printed it on clear sticker paper so it looks like it was printed right on the cover.

There are more pages inside so maybe some of them I will do a little writing about the photos. May promises to be a good month for photos. Owen's birthday, Mother's Day, spring flowers, and our trip to South Dakota and Montana.


toners said...

Oh my, those peek-a-boo photos are adorable!! Looking forward to seeing your photo project this month :)

Sarah C. said...

Owen is so cute! What adorable photos. :) And love the album. Great idea, beautiful cover. Looking forward to seeing how you finish it.

Take a peek my way when you get a chance. I left a small something for you on my blog. :)

Lida said...

oh awesome photo project and Owen is the cutest!!!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH I love the photos.. how adorable!!!

Aimeslee said...

cute cute cute owen-mouse! love your little minibook, you did a great job on the cover!