Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time to sit and write...

It seems like I don't have a lot of time to sit and write lately. Mostly because there isn't time for more than a two line update. (Better suited for Facebook than a blog!). Owen is always right behind me, usually pushing my butt. Which he says, "mama, I push your butt." Because all mamas need a push in the butt, right!?

But right now Morgan and Owen are both asleep in Owen's room. So I thought I'd just sit and write. We were going to watch a movie after Owen fell asleep but as is often the case Morgan fell asleep too. I'd like to go in and get a picture of the two of them sleeping on Owen's floor but I don't want to wake either of them up with the sound of the camera. And then there's the perfectionist in me that would want a good shot, so I'd need to set up the tripod and use the 50 mm lens so I could get a nice unblurred shot! Maybe another day.

I've had a somewhat quiet mind lately. I think I've mentioned before that when there isn't time to write here I often write in my mind. Which is just basically talking to myself in the third person. I guess that sounds a little schizophrenic. Or not. Since it's always my own voice. But like I'm talking to an audience. Only it's in my head. Anyway, I haven't had a lot of that going on lately. But when I don't have that going on I tend to be a little agitated with my creativity. Like it's stuck. It's there. I can feel it. It just isn't flowing. And I know this about myself and the creativity. It ebbs and flows. I just enjoy the flowing more than the ebbing. But I've got a couple novels to read and some how-to books on lighting for portraits to read and I'm hoping after a little reading I will feel renewed and back to a creativity flow.

There was an interesting post on the cricut message board yesterday. A woman asked if people thought they were creative. And lots of women posted that they weren't. They were good at copying, or lifting ideas, but they didn't feel they were themselves very creative. I thought this was a little bit sad. That there are all these women out there "creating" but they don't feel they are creative. Creativity is always something I've been interested in. Probably because I've been surrounded by it my whole life. And while I was in graduate school I did some research about creativity and had intended to do my research project and thesis about it. But I decided on something simpler. However, the research and ideas out there about creativity are interesting. Many people start out with all kinds of "creativity" but once they start going to school it often is lost. Not necessarily that they lose it but that it gets pushed aside because other things like math and reading and all those things we need to live our lives become more important. And often we think of creativity as an artistic endeavor. Which isn't necessarily true. The nature of a person's creativity can manifest in any area of expertise or interest. That's why our world is filled with so many fascinating and wonderful things. From art to technology to mathmatical ideas and theories and wonderful foods. Even child rearing can be a way to express ones creativity. There is a woman in our toddler class who admires my creativity with art but I admire her way of parenting. Her ideas on how to raise children are thoughtful and considerate and exactly what I like to surround myself with. And Owen too.

And speaking of Owen and creativity. He is really starting to use his imagination when he plays. It's fun to listen to the things he comes up with and the things he wants us to do. Yesterday we were playing soccer. Which is actually just us throwing a soccer ball around and running a lot. But it requires us to wear helmets. Not acutal helmets though. Pretend ones. And we all have them. And Owen makes sure we do. He will first put his helmet on, and he does the motion of putting on a helmet. And then he will put the helmet on our heads. And through out the game he will say, "do you have your helmet on?" and we check and make sure it's on. Then we can play. But we cannot kick the ball. There is no kicking the ball in a soccer game with Owen. There is a lot of roaring and yelling and growling, lots of boys playing games noises, but there is no kicking of the ball. He also likes to make birthday cake. Usually with his dee-dee. Then we eat it. And it's usually his birthday.

And now that Morgan is up from his evening nap, maybe we can watch a movie!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday fill-ins...

Today I'm giving the Friday Fill-In a try.

1. I'm happy, I'm short, I don't mind at all.

2. Why do I have big feet and not small?

3. How does this mommy thing work, anyway?

4. Every morning, I put a smile on my face.

5. I consider myself lucky because I am blessed in so many ways.

6. One day we’ll see peace in unexpected places.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to being with the boys, tomorrow my plans include crafting at Dawn's and Sunday, I want to go to the evening service at church!

Totally exciting answer huh!? It's my first try. I kept it simple!

I think it may still be snowing outside but I'm afraid to look! We played outside for a bit today. Owen enjoyed it until he slipped on the sidewalk while playing hockey with Morgan. Then they came in.

Oh, and I got a hair cut! Check me out! So far I love it! Super easy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun with Spuds!

For Valentine's Day my mom gave Owen these cute little Spud Buds. The moment I saw them I knew we would need to have a little photo shoot together.

Here's Jr. Potato Head
Corn Head
And Carrot Head. She's my favorite!
I decided since I had gotten my mini studio all set up I'd take pictures of other stuff too. So here's some stickles!

My mini studio consists of a roll of white paper hung from the ceiling in my craft room. I put hooks in the ceiling (it's a tiled ceiling and easy to put hooks into) then hung fish line from there that connects to two hooks on either end of dowel. The paper goes on the dowel. That creates the seamless look. Kind of like what you would find in a portrait studio but much smaller and less expensive and on top of a table! I ran three actions on the pictures of the spuds. All by Renee Oakenfull. Julie's Curse, a black vignette, and a black border. Oh, then I resized for the web using her action too. I also shot them in raw so I could adjust the exposure a bit and the saturation. The lighting isn't superb in my craftroom so I want to have as much control over things as possible.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hi!!! Hello!!! It's me!!

I've not disappeared. I've only been surviving while dangling from the mommyhood rope. Today I am feeling a bit more rested. Although I'm not sure why, since I didn't get anymore sleep than the night before. And there isn't anything particularly difficult going on, it's just the same old stuff from one day to the next.

1. Owen doesn't think he should use the potty chair. "I'm fine", he says.
2. Owen doesn't sleep in a bed. "I'm fine," he says, while laying on his floor.
3. "I'm hung-ry", Owen says ALL DAY!
4. "No poops, just farts", Owen says, when I wonder what smells. Sometimes he's right. Sometimes not. And if there are poops, "I'm fine", Owen says while I check to see what's in his diaper.
5. When asked how he is, Owen replies, "I Owen." He doesn't get the subtle difference between "how" and "who".

So Owen is pretty much "fine" and "hung-ry". And not "hungry" with a hard "g" sound. It's a soft "g" sound. Like "hung" and "ry" put together. It's cute. Just like when he says "ober" there. Meaning "over" there.

Last night I went to Michael's by myself to get out of the house. Owen was running, and singing, and yelling and chasing the dog with his microphone. The dog wanted to come with me but I was pretty sure they wouldn't have appreciated him at Michael's once he began peeing on everything he got close to. Which is his way when he's out of the house. We don't take him to Petco either, even though pets are welcome, because he would pee on everything and Morgan would be too busy looking at whatever was in front of him to notice that Ludwig was peeing. They do this at the vet's office too. Which is why I try to take Ludwig to the vet rather than sending Morgan with him. 9 times out of 10 he comes home saying Ludwig peed on something. "Wow! I wonder how that happened!??" "Could it have happened while you were chatting with the pretty vet tech???" But anyway, while at Michael's I got some real pretty glitter pens. The Martha Stewart ones. My friend Lisa, the enabler, got some and said they were "awesome" so I had to go check them out. I did after all, have 2 50% coupons to use! I also got the Threading Water punch. Which I did not need until I used Lisa's. See what I mean by enabling!? She's been the impetus for other purchases too. And not just for me! Today we met for lunch and playtime (the kids play) at the mall. Afterward we went to JoAnn's where I found the new Fiskars Scallop punch. Sans the holes so it doesn't thread any water. It was only 40% off. But I had to have it. Because Lisa doesn't! Oh, and I was the last person in the crafting world to get the Threading Water one. And I was totally okay with that. Because as I mentioned, I didn't need it until I used Lisa's! Now Lisa says she doesn't need to Scallop Punch because I have one and Dawn has the Stampin' Up! one. We'll see about that. I did push her to get the Cricut Spatula. But she won't regret this. She's used mine and knows how useful it is. And when she discovers how useful it is outside the craftroom she will be even happier about spending the $2.50 on it!

Oh, and the glitter markers are AWESOME! I've mentioned before that I love sparkly things, right?? Well, these are beautiful! I've decided I need to create a collage of some sort that utilizes all of my glitterly supplies. ART glitter, Stickles, Glitter pens, and whatever else I have that glitters and sparkles! We'll see what I come up with.

And now that I've forgotten all the other things I was going to ramble on about I think I will leave you with one last quote. (I've almost worn out the quotation mark button today!). As we were checking out in the lingerie dept at Penny's today Owen yells, "I found my boobs!" I bought a couple bras. Oh, and right now he's talking to me. The me on his little John Deere phone. I recorded a message for him. He watched me do it. It says "hi Snuggybug, it's your mama, I love you!" And he keeps pushing the button over and over and over saying "I love you too!" "I love you too!"

I think it's time to go play outside!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thoughtful Friday...

It's you I like,
It's not the things you wear.
It's not the way you do your hair,
But it's you I like.
The way you are right now
The way down deep inside you
Not the things that hide you
Not your diplomas...
They're just beside you.
But it's you I like,
Every part of you,
Your skin, your eyes, your feelings,
Whether old or new.
I hope that you'll remember
Even when you're feeling blue,
That it's you I like,
It's you yourself, it's you
It's you I like!
--Mr Rogers

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A quick, quick post...

because I'm sure my minutes are numbered. Owen is still asleep. AND he slept through the night. But what kid wouldn't who got to stay up until 11pm having loads of fun with friends, and mommy and daddy and thier friends! And it's mostly daddy's fault.

Last night Morgan had a happy hour to go to after work. But Lisa and I planned a little mommy happy hour too. So we decided to go after the daddy's were done with their happy hours. (Her husband had one too.) Fortunately Lisa's house is about 2 miles from Morgan's work so Owen and I went down to Lisa's to play until the daddy's were all happied out. By 7pm we decided it was time for Owen's daddy to be happied out so we went to look for him. Yeah, "I lost my husband. I don't know where he's at. I'm going to drink my money, I'm not going to pay his rent...." sorry.... But it wasn't too hard since we knew what restaurant he was at. We found Morgan and since Owen was hungry I left him with Morgan to eat and finish the happy houring. Owen stayed in the car with Lisa while I went in to find Morgan. He told Lisa "Mama go find daddy through those doors. I go in and eat!" And he did.

So Lisa and I were free to go be happy unencumbered by husbands or kids. Hooray! So we got our happy on (in a loud sports bar on KIDS night! Buffalo Wild Wings). Around about 10ish I got my phone out of my pocket just to check the time and it was ringing and said "Morgan" on it. So I answered. He wanted to know where we were. So I told him. Which was about a tenth of a mile from where he was. He was at the grocery store. Using the potty. Then he asked if he and Owen could come join us for a bit so he could sober up a bit and eat more!!! Yes, the man had my kid with him! And to be clear, he was not drunk. What happened is, Morgan gave blood yesterday and I guess had one too many margaritas for his depleted blood supply to support! So he and Owen joined us (yes, at 1opm!) in a loud sports bar for chocolate milk and chicken. Owen was having a fabulous time!! We got home at 11pm (O had fallen asleep in the car but he held out for quite sometime!) I put O in his room and he's been asleep ever since. Now I know what it takes to wear the kid out!

However, today we are going to Liz's house for a scrapping/play date. Mommies scrap, kids play. And 3 of the 5 the kids are still asleep! But I got my workout in and I'm going to take a bath and get my stuff ready to go for scrapping so when he does wake up, I'll be ready!

Oh the adventures in mommyhood!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And I quote...

While changing Owen's diaper this morning I suggested that he start wearing underpants and using the potty chair. Then I said, "What do you think about that?" He looked at me and didn't say anything. Then he got up and said, "That'd be crazy!"

And that is how potty training goes!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

More completed work...

The crop went well. We had a little glitch in transportation. Morgan's car died at the grocery store on Friday night. We jumped it and got it home but we were not able to get it going again in the morning to take it to the shop. Fortunately our neighbor across the street was home and towed Morgan and his car to the shop. It turned out he only needed a new battery, so that was a relief. But since Morgan had to work Saturday and I was going to scrapping we were in a jam. But Dawn came to my rescue and picked me up and we made it to the crop at 10am! We did not last until midnight though and came home about 10. We had a great time and although I did not get a layout done an hour I was pleased with the ones I did get done. I tend to set my expectations a bit high sometimes!

Here is what I got done.

The little robots on the cards are digi elements I made in PSE using a robot font I found at Scrap-n-Fonts. They are the same ones I used for the pictures in Owen room.

I will be scrapping again this week on Thursday for a scrapping and playdate day so I'm all ready for that too!

Friday, February 06, 2009


to this boy!? Thus far today Owen has eaten the following:
  • banana pancakes (I don't know how many, I wasn't awake yet. And yes, this is an indicator of how the day is going.)
  • Yogurt. At least one small container. Perhaps 2. Or maybe that was yesterday. It's a pattern.
  • A bowl of left over mixed vegetables he got out of the fridge on his own. Which I found him eating when I came into the kitchen from trying to go back to sleep.
  • Pickles. Little ones. A bunch of them.
  • Cereal. With milk. That he pours in himself. Don't try to do it for him. It won't be pretty. He's on his second bowl.
  • He may have eaten some flour too. Because it's all over him. It was all over the floor and the kitchen counter. But I cleaned that up. He won't hold still for this or see a reason for it so I just don't bother.
  • There is chicken and fries in the oven. He saw it and said, "That's my lunch." (And what, pray tell, are all the other things you've been eating this morning???)
And did I mention this was all before 11am!? We're waiting for him to grow. He was 36 1/2" tall and 32 pounds (with clothes and shoes) yesterday at the doctor. I don't know where that lands him on the charts but I don't really care either. It won't make a difference in how much he eats! And I'm beginnging to wonder when all this is going to come "out" or if he just uses his food real efficiently!

Did I mention I won't be here tomorrow?? I will be scrapping with girlfriends. Drinking diet coke and eating things that probably aren't good for me but are necessary when scrapping with girlfriends. I'd like to say I will be sad to miss all of the excitement that will happen around here (oh wait, O will be at my mom's because Morgan has to work) but I would be lying.

I'm so glad...

it's Friday. Some weeks seem long and short all at the same time. Time wise this week seemed to go fast, but my body feels like it was a long week. Maybe if I'd gotten some exercise everyday rather than just a few days I'd feel better. Woulda, shoulda, coulda.

Last night we bought Owen a pair of ice skates. I kept telling Morgan we should wait until next winter but he wanted to do it. So we did. Owen was pretty excited about them too. We'll see if that lasts once he's out on the ice.

One more day until the big crop! I'm mostly ready. I just want to have my layouts as planned out as possible so I can get as much done as possible. Here's how my planning has gone this week:

  1. Pick and print pictures to scrap.
  2. Pull papers to match the pictures and place all in a clear plastic bag.
  3. In each bag I put an index card labeled with the event and the date. I'm big on dating layouts. (Lots of times I don't get past this step. Then I just gather up a bunch of embellishments and tools I use and go. But this time I wanted to be more prepared.)
  4. Then I made a list of all the layouts I had planned and how many pictures I had for each one.
  5. Used a few websites to find some creative titles or jotted down my own title ideas.
  6. Went through books and magazines to find layout ideas (why reinvent the wheel). Sometimes I just find elements on pages I like. Sometimes it's a layout design or color scheme. My pages rarely look exactly like what I pick out but it's a spring board and it saves me time, which I like a lot.
  7. Wrote notes on my list of where I found the ideas and which page of the mag or book. Then I wrote a note on the notecard in the bag also.
  8. Match embellishments with layouts. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to use on a page and other times I just bring things I like. This time I'm doing both. I've got all the layout bags laid out on my table and I am systematically going through and pulling things that will match so I only bring what I need.
  9. Pack it all up!
I am not a person who can just throw a bunch of stuff together and go anymore. I need a plan. I started doing things as described above after I saw how my friend Lisa planned. Kind of the same way. Bags with pictures and papers. That was all I needed to be inspired to change how I scrapped. Before it was rather haphazard and more of a bunch of stuff all together. Or projects in boxes mostly. But after Owen was born and I started scrapping a lot more and a lot more regularly and had accumulated a lot more stuff, it was necessary to be more purposeful. And make better use of my supplies and resources. Why have all these idea books and magazines and websites if I'm not going to put them to good use? If the inspiration is there, than use it! So I'm doing my best to do that.

My notebook is also very important. Before each crop I make a list of the tools and supplies I need to bring and what I'm going to work on. This is very important because if I'm getting ready last minute or the morning of I need to be able to get ready quickly. The list lets me do that. I don't have to think about what I need, I just look at the list and pack it. The list of projects or layouts is important because then I can pick something to work on and it's all in the bag. I keep the bags in this great box that my friend Lori gave me for Christmas. It's a scrapbook box by Iris that has hanging files in it that fit 12x12 stuff. So I can put all my layout bags in it plus extra paper and a few paper stacks. The lid has a compartment for storage too. It's one of the best gifts I got! But, I keep the layouts in there so they are ready to go when I am ready to go and they can stay in there at home too. It's a great box. But back to the notebook... I keep my ideas in this too. It's kind of a crazy mess of stuff and I go through and make new lists from what's in it because things get crossed out and old but I have to have the notebook.

So today I am finishing up my planning and packing so I'm ready to go tomorrow morning. 15 hours of scrapping with my friends! So excited! Someone posted a thread on 2P's about going to crops and what the allure was. Some people don't do this and don't get the whole purpose. I was flabbergasted at this! Maybe the woman wasn't a SAHM of young children. But first and foremost, I get to get out of the house for a prolonged period of time without the boys! Then, I get to hang with my favorite people and do something I love to do. And there is always diet coke and chocolate involved. What's not to LOVE!??? I like to scrap at home too. And I work in my craftroom on an almost daily basis on some project or another but I get a whole lot more done when I go somewhere!

I am also working today and need to get some cleaning done. Owen got up early today, with Morgan. They made pancakes for breakfast. Banana nut. Not my fave. But while Morgan was mixing up the pancakes Owen declared that he was going to mix flour. Which became a large amount of flour which is now all over the kitchen counter and flour. And is slowly migrating to other areas of the house as he runs around. The flour was abandoned an hour ago because someone wanted to watch Clifford. Maybe I'll go back to sleep while Owen watches Clifford. I'm going to need a nap today and I don't foresee it fitting into the plan for the day!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Latest layouts...

These are the two layouts I started last month and needed to finish up before working on anything else. The pictures of the layouts aren't that great. On the Halloween one the accents are glittered chipboard stickers from Making Memories.

On this layout the letters are glittered puffy stickers and the Brrr... is stickled to match the glitter on the title. The papers are shimmery and the snowflakes are metal. the 1/2 oval with the date also has red stickle dots.

This is what Owen's hair looked like when he woke up from his nap yesterday. I don't know what he was doing while he was asleep but it sure made for interesting hair!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A little change...

I needed a little change here on the ol' blog so I made a new banner and changed my profile picture. I just really liked that little ducky. Owen has 3 of them and loves to play with them in the tub. We have to get them out of the tub before the water starts draining because he's worried they will go down. And he wants to be out of the tub before I open the stopper too.

Here's the full image of the ducks. I think it might be cute in the bathroom one we remodel. Which hopefully will be this spring!

That's all for now. I'm hoping to put up a couple of layouts I'm finishing up tonight. I want to get them done before the "mother crop" this weekend!

Monday, February 02, 2009

More tales from toddlerhood...The things kids say...

Morgan described Owen as being very verbose a couple of weeks ago. This seems to be increasingly true as he gets older. Day by day! Here are samples and snippits of things he's said recently.

"Where's my diet coke Mama?"

"Fart!!! Fart!!! FART!!!" as he jumps up and down and runs around. This began after I asked if he had poops. I checked, there were no poops and I said "just farts". So he began his "fart" screaming.

He decided to help himself to candy today that we keep in the "sin" cabinet. This is located in the buffet in our dining room. He's pretty good about staying out of it but I was doing something in the bedroom and he came in eating a chocolate & peanut butter heart. I said "that's enough candy Owen", and he replied "it's my birthday!"

He wanted an orange today for breakfast. Or one of the morning meals he was having. I told him we didn't have any but he and Daddy could get some at the store tonight. He said, "Naunee bring it." So when I called Naunee today to tell her what time to come over I asked her to bring an orange. Then Owen wanted to talk to her and he got on the phone and said "Hi Naunee. You bring my orange??"

Last week we were at Lisa's house for some scrapping and playing. Owen did a #2 so I took him upstairs to change his diaper in the bathroom. While I'm doing this he says, "What you doin' Mama? Wiping my butt??" Why yes, I am!! And if he can be that observant shouldn't he be wiping his own butt??

We've recently downloaded one of Pink's new songs. He sings along "I got my rock moves" and dances around.

Today during dinner he started spitting out his food saying, "that's gross!"

When I came home from work today he said, "Hi mama, I missed you."

Last week on the way to church, from the backseat, he said, "put your hands on the ring Mama, and drive."

Then while driving to my mom's some guy cut me off and I said, "what is your problem???" and Owen said, "What wrong mama??" And I explained that the person was not driving very nicely and he said "I'm sorry Mama."

This of course is just a snippit of the things Owen says. But rest assured that whatever we say, or whatever he hears, he's putting into his little storage bank to bring out at a later date, most likely in context and when we are least expecting it.

The boys are off to the grocery store so I'm going to work on getting some stuff together for a crop on Saturday. I'm bound and determined to get more than 2 layouts down in 10 hours!! It's a 15 hour crop and I want to get at least 10 layouts done!!!

He's a lefty too...

Did you know President Obama is a lefty??

Photo found HERE.


The rules of the game are simple. Once assigned a letter you are to post 10 things that you love which begin with that letter. Lee had the letter R. She assigned me the letter F. So here goes.

  1. Fruit. I love fruit. I prefer it over veggies. All kinds of fruit. I used to eat strawberries until I got sick.
  2. Fall. It's my favorite season. I love everything about it. The crisp air. The beautiful colors. Turtlenecks and sweatshirts. But no coat.
  3. French fries. Duh. Need I say more. I actually love all potatoes but potatoes doesn't start with F.
  4. Fun. I like to have fun.
  5. Festivals and Fairs. Specifically art festivals. And the state fair. Moran isn't such a fan of the art festivals but he goes sometimes. I need to start doing those with my girlfriends again because it would be more fun than listening to Morgan complain throughout the thing. The state fair on the other hand we have a good time doing together.
  6. Fresh flowers. I love having fresh flowers on the dining room table.
  7. Facts. I like things that are provable, irrefutable and reliable.
  8. Family and friends. Without all of them I'd be loonier than I already am! I have way more girlfriends now than I did when I was in elementary, high school, or college. And they are all good friends. I enjoy them and they get me. That's not something that everyone finds in life and I am truly thankful for each of them. And I love my family. All of them. I don't have a big family and I consider Morgan's family to be just as much my family as his or my blood family. They love me and understand me and support me.
  9. Feet. I love my feet. They are one of my best features despite being a size 8 1/2 on a 5 foot body. I'm convinced this combination makes me a good skater because of the low center of gravity and long plane that supports my weight! But they are still good looking feet!
  10. Furniture. I like to look at furniture. All kinds, the design and combination of colors. I find furniture interesting!
And I have to say F was a tricky letter to do! I had to get out the dictionary!

Happy Monday everyone!!! (No, I haven't taken any drugs to make me say that!)