Friday, February 06, 2009


to this boy!? Thus far today Owen has eaten the following:
  • banana pancakes (I don't know how many, I wasn't awake yet. And yes, this is an indicator of how the day is going.)
  • Yogurt. At least one small container. Perhaps 2. Or maybe that was yesterday. It's a pattern.
  • A bowl of left over mixed vegetables he got out of the fridge on his own. Which I found him eating when I came into the kitchen from trying to go back to sleep.
  • Pickles. Little ones. A bunch of them.
  • Cereal. With milk. That he pours in himself. Don't try to do it for him. It won't be pretty. He's on his second bowl.
  • He may have eaten some flour too. Because it's all over him. It was all over the floor and the kitchen counter. But I cleaned that up. He won't hold still for this or see a reason for it so I just don't bother.
  • There is chicken and fries in the oven. He saw it and said, "That's my lunch." (And what, pray tell, are all the other things you've been eating this morning???)
And did I mention this was all before 11am!? We're waiting for him to grow. He was 36 1/2" tall and 32 pounds (with clothes and shoes) yesterday at the doctor. I don't know where that lands him on the charts but I don't really care either. It won't make a difference in how much he eats! And I'm beginnging to wonder when all this is going to come "out" or if he just uses his food real efficiently!

Did I mention I won't be here tomorrow?? I will be scrapping with girlfriends. Drinking diet coke and eating things that probably aren't good for me but are necessary when scrapping with girlfriends. I'd like to say I will be sad to miss all of the excitement that will happen around here (oh wait, O will be at my mom's because Morgan has to work) but I would be lying.


Lee said...

Ah, the growth spurts are so much fun. Enjoy your escape, you deserve it :)

KarenSue said...

enjoy your day with the girls, and the food...all I can say is 'wait till he's a teenager!!"

emily said...

How funny! I wish I could eat like that! Have FUN with your friends...I'm jealous :)Sounds like a good day!