Monday, February 02, 2009

More tales from toddlerhood...The things kids say...

Morgan described Owen as being very verbose a couple of weeks ago. This seems to be increasingly true as he gets older. Day by day! Here are samples and snippits of things he's said recently.

"Where's my diet coke Mama?"

"Fart!!! Fart!!! FART!!!" as he jumps up and down and runs around. This began after I asked if he had poops. I checked, there were no poops and I said "just farts". So he began his "fart" screaming.

He decided to help himself to candy today that we keep in the "sin" cabinet. This is located in the buffet in our dining room. He's pretty good about staying out of it but I was doing something in the bedroom and he came in eating a chocolate & peanut butter heart. I said "that's enough candy Owen", and he replied "it's my birthday!"

He wanted an orange today for breakfast. Or one of the morning meals he was having. I told him we didn't have any but he and Daddy could get some at the store tonight. He said, "Naunee bring it." So when I called Naunee today to tell her what time to come over I asked her to bring an orange. Then Owen wanted to talk to her and he got on the phone and said "Hi Naunee. You bring my orange??"

Last week we were at Lisa's house for some scrapping and playing. Owen did a #2 so I took him upstairs to change his diaper in the bathroom. While I'm doing this he says, "What you doin' Mama? Wiping my butt??" Why yes, I am!! And if he can be that observant shouldn't he be wiping his own butt??

We've recently downloaded one of Pink's new songs. He sings along "I got my rock moves" and dances around.

Today during dinner he started spitting out his food saying, "that's gross!"

When I came home from work today he said, "Hi mama, I missed you."

Last week on the way to church, from the backseat, he said, "put your hands on the ring Mama, and drive."

Then while driving to my mom's some guy cut me off and I said, "what is your problem???" and Owen said, "What wrong mama??" And I explained that the person was not driving very nicely and he said "I'm sorry Mama."

This of course is just a snippit of the things Owen says. But rest assured that whatever we say, or whatever he hears, he's putting into his little storage bank to bring out at a later date, most likely in context and when we are least expecting it.

The boys are off to the grocery store so I'm going to work on getting some stuff together for a crop on Saturday. I'm bound and determined to get more than 2 layouts down in 10 hours!! It's a 15 hour crop and I want to get at least 10 layouts done!!!


MK said...

I just wonder if he heard his momma say "it's my birthday" while eating chocolate before?!?!

Miranda said...

Oh, you think I'm great. That's so nice of you. I think you're pretty great yourself.
My favorite "Owenism" is "Yay, you did it" when I made toast.