Thursday, February 12, 2009

A quick, quick post...

because I'm sure my minutes are numbered. Owen is still asleep. AND he slept through the night. But what kid wouldn't who got to stay up until 11pm having loads of fun with friends, and mommy and daddy and thier friends! And it's mostly daddy's fault.

Last night Morgan had a happy hour to go to after work. But Lisa and I planned a little mommy happy hour too. So we decided to go after the daddy's were done with their happy hours. (Her husband had one too.) Fortunately Lisa's house is about 2 miles from Morgan's work so Owen and I went down to Lisa's to play until the daddy's were all happied out. By 7pm we decided it was time for Owen's daddy to be happied out so we went to look for him. Yeah, "I lost my husband. I don't know where he's at. I'm going to drink my money, I'm not going to pay his rent...." sorry.... But it wasn't too hard since we knew what restaurant he was at. We found Morgan and since Owen was hungry I left him with Morgan to eat and finish the happy houring. Owen stayed in the car with Lisa while I went in to find Morgan. He told Lisa "Mama go find daddy through those doors. I go in and eat!" And he did.

So Lisa and I were free to go be happy unencumbered by husbands or kids. Hooray! So we got our happy on (in a loud sports bar on KIDS night! Buffalo Wild Wings). Around about 10ish I got my phone out of my pocket just to check the time and it was ringing and said "Morgan" on it. So I answered. He wanted to know where we were. So I told him. Which was about a tenth of a mile from where he was. He was at the grocery store. Using the potty. Then he asked if he and Owen could come join us for a bit so he could sober up a bit and eat more!!! Yes, the man had my kid with him! And to be clear, he was not drunk. What happened is, Morgan gave blood yesterday and I guess had one too many margaritas for his depleted blood supply to support! So he and Owen joined us (yes, at 1opm!) in a loud sports bar for chocolate milk and chicken. Owen was having a fabulous time!! We got home at 11pm (O had fallen asleep in the car but he held out for quite sometime!) I put O in his room and he's been asleep ever since. Now I know what it takes to wear the kid out!

However, today we are going to Liz's house for a scrapping/play date. Mommies scrap, kids play. And 3 of the 5 the kids are still asleep! But I got my workout in and I'm going to take a bath and get my stuff ready to go for scrapping so when he does wake up, I'll be ready!

Oh the adventures in mommyhood!

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