Thursday, March 25, 2010

A glimpse...

Right now...
  • it's 37˚ outside but sunny. A bit of a brisk day but I'll take it. There's not snow.
  • Owen is playing and pretending with his R2D2 robot he got in his lunch today at Donald's.
  • Lentils and brown rice are simmering on the stove for dinner. Which will be paired with broccoli.
  • I'm wearing jeans. Which I stared doing after I found a perfect pair. These are not "the perfect" ones, but still comfy. It's a step away from my standard black with a stretch waist.
  • I'm looking forward to Bingo Night with some mama girlfriends. We have some drinks (me-diet coke with a lime) chat about life, and play bingo.
  • today we bought seeds to grow in the garden. 2 kinds of pumpkins. I'm sure Morgan will be thrilled. 2 kinds to find room for.
  • planning for new carpet in the breezeway. I found samples today at Home Depot.
  • after I'm done writing I am putting new knobs on Owen's closet doors. Hopefully these will stay on.
  • thinking about losing weight. I think about it a lot. I don't do much about it. But I'm thinking about doing something about it. It's a start.
  • wondering how the dog got back in the house because I don't recall letting him in. But maybe I didn't let him out when we got home.
  • wondering if it's normal to have so much memory loss at 36.
Now for the door knobs.

Friday, March 19, 2010


There is something fantastically inspiring about the work of Tim Burton. I am really looking forward to seeing his interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. It has been one of my favorite stories since I was a child.

I love the bright but antiqued feel of the characters. The attention to detail in the costumes and set. And the dry and dark humor that always exists in his films. Hopefully it will be a winner at the Oscars next year!

Monday, March 08, 2010

A little right now randomness...

I am trying to decide on a photograph to exhibit at an art crawl that my mom's company is hosting. There isn't a space limit really but I don't want to print a ton of pictures or frame a ton. So I've been trying to narrow it down. And then decide on what size to print and how to mount or frame them. Sheesh! I took a little poll on facebook (of the ones below) and basically came up with the dandelion or the leaf. And I think I'm going to do a standout mount on foam board. My finisher is having a sale starting tomorrow so I can save some money on the mounting and go without a frame! I think the dandelion will look real nice at 16x24 or so.

Owen had botox in his calf muscle last week. Now we have intense PT appointments for the next 9 weeks to develop the strength in that muscle. Since this is his first round at the botox the dr. used a fairly low dose to see how it worked for Owen. The appointment went well and the physical therapist was happy with the increased range of motion he had today.

Our day was fairly busy today. PT in the am, lunch with Mimi. A little shopping with Mimi and Naunee and then a haircut. To my amazement I found a pair of jeans that seem to fit me perfectly. Not too tight or too loose in the waist and they are the right length. Which is the most amazing part. It seems I need petite-short jeans. Which I didn't even know they made! And I say "seem" to fit perfectly because jeans can change after they've been on for a bit. We'll see how they work. Oh, and the best part is they were on clearance for $7.00. That's better than thrift store prices!!! After our shopping I took Owen for a haircut. Amazingly he sat still and made polite conversation with the stylist and got a nice haircut. I was very impressed. When I cut Owen's hair it's a disaster. He will not hold still for me for anything. And I've tried all forms of bribery! And now we are enduring the "witching hours" from 4-6pm. When a boy who doesn't nap anymore, but could use a nap, can go from pleasant and calm to a complete meltdown in a matter of seconds and for any reason. And I can be just plain witchy if there is meltdown behavior! So we try to do things that are low stress and are the least likely to cause a meltdown or any crying (for either of us!)

We are anxiously awaiting spring. Hoping for no more snow. And a slow thaw. Parts of MN are susceptible for serious flooding and that is never good. Fortunately we are not in one of those areas. But we do live by a lake so I get a little worried about it. However, we had so little precipitation last summer and fall that the lake was very low. Hopefully the snowfall we've had will fill it back up!