Thursday, January 13, 2011


Is there any more glorious baked good than cake? Okay, cookies are a good rival, but cake really is the most celebrated of baking marvels.

There are countless websites and blogs dedicated to the formulation of recipes, baking of and eating of cake. Cake is beautiful and delicious and everyone has a favorite.

For Christmas I got a set of 9" round baking pans. We have a wide variety of baking pans but no 9 inchers and I have a lot of recipes that call for them. I was excited to try them out but didn't want to put in the time to make a *great* cake so I opted for a dark chocolate mix with dark chocolate frosting.

The pans worked nicely and I am looking forward to using them again for a wonderful cake. The mix cake turned out fine and Owen approved of it! But the best cakes really are made from scratch!