Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Friday...FINALLY!!!

1. One week ago it was Friday and we went to the Wild Game with Lisa & Joel.

2. Winter was longer, colder and snowier when I was young.

3. Mama told me having no manners is worse than having no money.

4. God bless you and me.

5. Take your time and do a good job at whatever you do.

6. Disequilibrium (in my preschooler) will pass!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to SCRAPPING, tomorrow my plans include SCRAPPING and Sunday, I will SCRAP SOME MORE!!!!

Have a great weekend. I will be scrapping!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

18 days...

Time flies! It's been 18 days since I posted last. I can't believe that. Granted I have not been good at a daily post for some time now but 18 days is a long time.

Owen is napping. It's a lazy Monday. I've got lots I should do around the house but am a bit overwhelmed by it. And unmotivated. Which is more of a problem. I can usually break things down and get them done. So the motivation is mostly the issue.

My friend Nikki is still on the healing roller coaster. She's been in the hospital for about 18 days. I think. I've lost track. We continue to pray for her healing. I have so many feelings and emotions about her and what is going on.

Summer is almost over. Officially anyway. Most people consider September part of the fall season. But the autumnal equinox is officially at 5:18pm (EDT) tomorrow. And I for one am happy for that! Summer, particularly the end, is my least favorite season. I love fall. We went apple picking yesterday and it was strange to be doing it while it was so warm. But we had an enjoyable time anyway.

I am getting ready this week for a scrapping retreat this weekend. I leave Friday afternoon and return Monday afternoon. I've got a bunch of layouts planned plus a mini album and some cards. Hoping for a very productive time away.

Health wise I am needing to make some changes. I decided in August to go off my anxiety medication. I was sleeping very poorly and having way too many vivid dreams. I'd also gained 20 pounds. Now I'm off the meds and sleeping better but of course the 20 pounds aren't going away without a fight. To be perfectly honest I feel completely helpless and hopeless about that. And unmotivated. I know what I need to do. I know how to do it. I just can't seem to put my confidence in my ability to achieve any goal that I set. Or motivate myself to try. Who I want to be, is not who I see in the mirror. I am frustrated with where I am and how I got here and how I let this happen. And continue to make poor choices day after day. And no one else can change it for me.

I have finally decided to start my own little photography and design business. You can visit my website HERE. It's proving to be an adventure but life isn't fun without them, now is it!?

Owen started preschool this month too. So far he's loving it. He goes two days a week. One day I'm in the building for the parent education part and the second day I just drop him off. I was a bit worried about the drop-off day but he did just fine! He is having a communication explosion right now too. He's saying all kinds of interesting and insightful things and his vocabulary is amazing to me. The other night he told me he heard a "creepy sound". We are working on manners daily. I want him to be bright and articulate but I really want him to be polite and well mannered. All the smarts in the world won't help a person out if they are unable to communicate in a polite and kind way.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

9/3/09 Thursday Thunks...

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Berleen, the number one thousand twenty six and the color of the dirt spot you need to wipe up on your kitchen floor.

1. Your thoughts on truck drivers? They are necessary and sometimes drive a bit crazy.

2. Did you hear Michelle Duggar is pregnant for the 15th time? (but that will be kid #19 if you lost count....) No, I didn't and I only know who she is because someone mentioned her the other day. I don't keep up on people who are crazy enough to have 19 kids. I have a hard enough time with one.

3. Have you ever done something to hurt someone intentionally... just for the sole purpose of hurting them because you thought they deserved it? Maybe a paybacks a bitch sort of thing? Nope. I may have thought about it a few times but I've not done it because I would feel bad about it later that I had intentionally hurt someone's feelings. Don't get me wrong. I can be mean but it's not to hurt someone.

4. Is there anyone in your life that when you go to their place of residence, you just walk in without bothering to knock? My mom's house. But I also announce that I'm there when I go in. Does anyone just walk into your house without knocking? Nope.

5. Whats in the trunk of your car? Do you even have a clue? Owen's stroller and a canvas shopping bag. And probably some sand. I haven't vacuumed it out for awhile.

6. When you go to a family holiday get together (such as Christmas or Thanksgiving), about how many people are there? Depends on which side of the family. If it's my side 6. If it's Morgan's side 13.

7. What is in your kitchen sink right at this very moment? Dishes that need to be washed.

8. You go to a store to buy an expensive item... say $150. You pick up that item and a couple other this n' thats. You get to the register and the expensive item rings up at $40. The cashier doesn't seem to notice and tells you your total. Do you go with what they say and pay it or do you question the price difference? You know you would question it if your $40 item rang up at $150.... Yes, I would tell them that the price is incorrect. I would feel bad about not saying something and the karma would eventually catch up with me.

9. Do you fold your underwear or do you just toss it in a drawer? I fold it and put it neatly in the drawer.

10. There is a Harley-Davidson giveaway. Chances are $100 and they are only selling 250 tickets. Do you buy one? No. I wouldn't spend $100 on a "chance" like that. Maybe if it were a house. But I'm also way to small to ride the average sized Harley and Morgan wouldn't let me keep it anyway!

11. Who is your favorite Disney character? Hmmm, I'm going to go with a non-traditional Disney character and say Buzz Lightyear.

12. It's September - most of the weekly sitcoms/dramas are starting new seasons again. Which one are you most looking forward to? The Office. Hands down. I might start out watching a couple others but will end the season still watching the office.

13. You are at a grocery store and are on your way out to your car with your cart full of grocery bags. On your way to your car you see a black kitten in an empty cart. What do you do? I don't know. If it's cold out I may go in and tell someone. If it's warm out I would go home. I can't bring animals home anymore!

14. Is there anything that you do for a hobby that you are asked to do for friends/family that most people would hire a professional to do? (example: cake decorating, fixing cars....) Yes, photography. And sewing. And card crafting. I'm a pretty handy person!

15. Are we there yet? Nope. Hopefully we all have a lot of years left.