Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time to sit and write...

It seems like I don't have a lot of time to sit and write lately. Mostly because there isn't time for more than a two line update. (Better suited for Facebook than a blog!). Owen is always right behind me, usually pushing my butt. Which he says, "mama, I push your butt." Because all mamas need a push in the butt, right!?

But right now Morgan and Owen are both asleep in Owen's room. So I thought I'd just sit and write. We were going to watch a movie after Owen fell asleep but as is often the case Morgan fell asleep too. I'd like to go in and get a picture of the two of them sleeping on Owen's floor but I don't want to wake either of them up with the sound of the camera. And then there's the perfectionist in me that would want a good shot, so I'd need to set up the tripod and use the 50 mm lens so I could get a nice unblurred shot! Maybe another day.

I've had a somewhat quiet mind lately. I think I've mentioned before that when there isn't time to write here I often write in my mind. Which is just basically talking to myself in the third person. I guess that sounds a little schizophrenic. Or not. Since it's always my own voice. But like I'm talking to an audience. Only it's in my head. Anyway, I haven't had a lot of that going on lately. But when I don't have that going on I tend to be a little agitated with my creativity. Like it's stuck. It's there. I can feel it. It just isn't flowing. And I know this about myself and the creativity. It ebbs and flows. I just enjoy the flowing more than the ebbing. But I've got a couple novels to read and some how-to books on lighting for portraits to read and I'm hoping after a little reading I will feel renewed and back to a creativity flow.

There was an interesting post on the cricut message board yesterday. A woman asked if people thought they were creative. And lots of women posted that they weren't. They were good at copying, or lifting ideas, but they didn't feel they were themselves very creative. I thought this was a little bit sad. That there are all these women out there "creating" but they don't feel they are creative. Creativity is always something I've been interested in. Probably because I've been surrounded by it my whole life. And while I was in graduate school I did some research about creativity and had intended to do my research project and thesis about it. But I decided on something simpler. However, the research and ideas out there about creativity are interesting. Many people start out with all kinds of "creativity" but once they start going to school it often is lost. Not necessarily that they lose it but that it gets pushed aside because other things like math and reading and all those things we need to live our lives become more important. And often we think of creativity as an artistic endeavor. Which isn't necessarily true. The nature of a person's creativity can manifest in any area of expertise or interest. That's why our world is filled with so many fascinating and wonderful things. From art to technology to mathmatical ideas and theories and wonderful foods. Even child rearing can be a way to express ones creativity. There is a woman in our toddler class who admires my creativity with art but I admire her way of parenting. Her ideas on how to raise children are thoughtful and considerate and exactly what I like to surround myself with. And Owen too.

And speaking of Owen and creativity. He is really starting to use his imagination when he plays. It's fun to listen to the things he comes up with and the things he wants us to do. Yesterday we were playing soccer. Which is actually just us throwing a soccer ball around and running a lot. But it requires us to wear helmets. Not acutal helmets though. Pretend ones. And we all have them. And Owen makes sure we do. He will first put his helmet on, and he does the motion of putting on a helmet. And then he will put the helmet on our heads. And through out the game he will say, "do you have your helmet on?" and we check and make sure it's on. Then we can play. But we cannot kick the ball. There is no kicking the ball in a soccer game with Owen. There is a lot of roaring and yelling and growling, lots of boys playing games noises, but there is no kicking of the ball. He also likes to make birthday cake. Usually with his dee-dee. Then we eat it. And it's usually his birthday.

And now that Morgan is up from his evening nap, maybe we can watch a movie!


Anonymous said...

It sure is cute when they play pretend isn't it? Does he like to play "role play" yet? That's the best part, I love it when they're at that stage.
I can't believe I'm still up...time to go night night :/

BonnieRose said...

I believe we all can be creative... what happens too many ppl compare themselves to others.. and then feel inadequate.. I think it's time we all try to enjoy our lives more no matter what we are doing and just feel happiness every day.. life goes by too quickly.. hugs bonnierose

Janet said...

Great post, Heather! I agree that it's sad that so many ppl push aside their innate creativity. After not using that side of their brain, they become intimidated by the thought of it. I know it happened to me personally. I was always a creative child, but in college/grad school I focused on developing a career where I could make a good living (which is, of course, important!) but I suppressed all the creative parts of my brain. It wasn't until I got into scrapbooking that I was able to tap into that again. I regret the loss of all those years...I'm much happier now, from that standpoint. This observation has led me to advise my DD differently in her career choices.

Thx for making me think today, Heather! :-)