Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hi!!! Hello!!! It's me!!

I've not disappeared. I've only been surviving while dangling from the mommyhood rope. Today I am feeling a bit more rested. Although I'm not sure why, since I didn't get anymore sleep than the night before. And there isn't anything particularly difficult going on, it's just the same old stuff from one day to the next.

1. Owen doesn't think he should use the potty chair. "I'm fine", he says.
2. Owen doesn't sleep in a bed. "I'm fine," he says, while laying on his floor.
3. "I'm hung-ry", Owen says ALL DAY!
4. "No poops, just farts", Owen says, when I wonder what smells. Sometimes he's right. Sometimes not. And if there are poops, "I'm fine", Owen says while I check to see what's in his diaper.
5. When asked how he is, Owen replies, "I Owen." He doesn't get the subtle difference between "how" and "who".

So Owen is pretty much "fine" and "hung-ry". And not "hungry" with a hard "g" sound. It's a soft "g" sound. Like "hung" and "ry" put together. It's cute. Just like when he says "ober" there. Meaning "over" there.

Last night I went to Michael's by myself to get out of the house. Owen was running, and singing, and yelling and chasing the dog with his microphone. The dog wanted to come with me but I was pretty sure they wouldn't have appreciated him at Michael's once he began peeing on everything he got close to. Which is his way when he's out of the house. We don't take him to Petco either, even though pets are welcome, because he would pee on everything and Morgan would be too busy looking at whatever was in front of him to notice that Ludwig was peeing. They do this at the vet's office too. Which is why I try to take Ludwig to the vet rather than sending Morgan with him. 9 times out of 10 he comes home saying Ludwig peed on something. "Wow! I wonder how that happened!??" "Could it have happened while you were chatting with the pretty vet tech???" But anyway, while at Michael's I got some real pretty glitter pens. The Martha Stewart ones. My friend Lisa, the enabler, got some and said they were "awesome" so I had to go check them out. I did after all, have 2 50% coupons to use! I also got the Threading Water punch. Which I did not need until I used Lisa's. See what I mean by enabling!? She's been the impetus for other purchases too. And not just for me! Today we met for lunch and playtime (the kids play) at the mall. Afterward we went to JoAnn's where I found the new Fiskars Scallop punch. Sans the holes so it doesn't thread any water. It was only 40% off. But I had to have it. Because Lisa doesn't! Oh, and I was the last person in the crafting world to get the Threading Water one. And I was totally okay with that. Because as I mentioned, I didn't need it until I used Lisa's! Now Lisa says she doesn't need to Scallop Punch because I have one and Dawn has the Stampin' Up! one. We'll see about that. I did push her to get the Cricut Spatula. But she won't regret this. She's used mine and knows how useful it is. And when she discovers how useful it is outside the craftroom she will be even happier about spending the $2.50 on it!

Oh, and the glitter markers are AWESOME! I've mentioned before that I love sparkly things, right?? Well, these are beautiful! I've decided I need to create a collage of some sort that utilizes all of my glitterly supplies. ART glitter, Stickles, Glitter pens, and whatever else I have that glitters and sparkles! We'll see what I come up with.

And now that I've forgotten all the other things I was going to ramble on about I think I will leave you with one last quote. (I've almost worn out the quotation mark button today!). As we were checking out in the lingerie dept at Penny's today Owen yells, "I found my boobs!" I bought a couple bras. Oh, and right now he's talking to me. The me on his little John Deere phone. I recorded a message for him. He watched me do it. It says "hi Snuggybug, it's your mama, I love you!" And he keeps pushing the button over and over and over saying "I love you too!" "I love you too!"

I think it's time to go play outside!


Dana said...

Ok, you have enabled me! LOL It just perpetuates, and I should warn you my last 10-15 blog posts just may enable you. LOL

Janet said...

Life at your house is an adventure, Heather! Owen's sayings make me smile! :-)
Now I have to M's and check out the goodies...lol

Sarah C. said...

LOL about the boobs comment! Sounds like you had a fun shopping adventure. I just recently saw the new scallop punch. I have the threading water and may very wall fall victim to this new one as well.

Lisa said...

Don't forget about the new EK Success one you bought after I told you to go check those out!