Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun with Spuds!

For Valentine's Day my mom gave Owen these cute little Spud Buds. The moment I saw them I knew we would need to have a little photo shoot together.

Here's Jr. Potato Head
Corn Head
And Carrot Head. She's my favorite!
I decided since I had gotten my mini studio all set up I'd take pictures of other stuff too. So here's some stickles!

My mini studio consists of a roll of white paper hung from the ceiling in my craft room. I put hooks in the ceiling (it's a tiled ceiling and easy to put hooks into) then hung fish line from there that connects to two hooks on either end of dowel. The paper goes on the dowel. That creates the seamless look. Kind of like what you would find in a portrait studio but much smaller and less expensive and on top of a table! I ran three actions on the pictures of the spuds. All by Renee Oakenfull. Julie's Curse, a black vignette, and a black border. Oh, then I resized for the web using her action too. I also shot them in raw so I could adjust the exposure a bit and the saturation. The lighting isn't superb in my craftroom so I want to have as much control over things as possible.


Jess said...

Oh my gosh! I need a carrot head! LOL :) So very cute, thanks for the smile.

jillconyers said...

The spuds are too cute!

About your studio? Happen to have a pic of the set up? I've been trying to figure out a way to do the same type of thing without needing a lot of space. And, what are you using to run your actions? I just bought PSE6 after having PS7 and the PSE doesn't seem to work with actions. TIA! Great photo of the stickles :)

Sarah C. said...

Love the spuds! :D And that stickles photo is awesome - it would look so cool framed & hanging in a scrap room.

noeliaevangelista said...

These are cute Heather. You should print them and hang them somewhere!