Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Random thougths for Wednesday...

1. Why don't some people wash their hands after they use the toilet? Yuck.
2. Why do public toilets splash so much when you flush them? Yuck.
3. Why can't vaccines be given orally?
4. Why can't women get PAID to stay home with their children?
5. Is it really that difficult to obey some laws? Like don't steal, don't kill?
6. Do sleazy people really enjoy being that way? Or are the missing something inside of themselves?
7. Is it too much to ask that ALL children be loved and cared for?
I'll stop with 7. It's a nice odd number.
Today Owen had his 2 year check up. I really like his doctor. She's a nice woman and a good doctor. O didn't get upset when he saw nurse Deb. This was good! In the past when she's come out and called his name he's gotten very upset. Today he follwed her in and went to the scale and stood to be measured. I think he was very happy not to have to undress to do this. I was too! He wanted to sit on the swiveling doctor's chair but I told him that was for the doctor to sit on when she came in. And then he said "doctor". Clear as day! Another new word.
He got a shot. Which he was not happy about. He was also not happy about the bandaid on his leg. But I left it. Then we had to have blood drawn for a hemoglobin and lead check. I thought this was going to be another ordeal but he sat on my lap and let the nice nurse poke his finger and draw the blood. NOT A PEEP! He watched with fascination the entire time. He didn't even jump when she poked his finger. I do not have this done. I hated this as a child. Well, back then they used razor blade, but I've had the poke with the little gadget once and that is the last time. The anticipation is just awful and I can't stay still. I pull my finger away. Which isn't smart. But I can't help it. He is brave like his daddy.
And speaking of words. I made a list of the words that Owen says in the journal I keep for him. I got up to something like 65 and couldn't think of anymore. But that's pretty good for a 2 year old.
#7 on my list above came from a thought I had the other night during O's bedtime routine. I had this overwhelming sense of sadness while I was watching Morgan hug and kiss him. There are lots of children out in the world who are not loved like O is. They weren't wanted. They aren't cared for. They are not loved. I hate this about our world. I hate that defenseless children are mistreated, abused and neglected. I know there are lots of people doing something about this. But the solution to the problem lies at home or with the parents or gaurdians of these children. During one of the parenting sessions of our ECFE class we touched on this. How these classes are available for all children and their families. But the ones who attend aren't the ones who can benefit the most. The mothers in my class consist of well educated, older than 25, married, stay-at-home moms. We could all make it as mothers without these classes. So how does a school district target a market with greater need? Just think of all the positive things that can result from a child being raised with love, respect and discipline. Adults who can love, respect, and be disciplined. There would much less violent crime and people would be respectful of each other.
I know I'm a total idealist when it comes to society. I know there are big, huge problems. But I also know that there are some real easy answers.


Alli said...

#7 is always a hard one

Noelia said...

This world can be a cruel place for children at times. I totally hear ya. It's every child's basic right to be loved but not everyone is, isn't it sad? Makes my heart ache.

Gabrielle said...

Great thoughts! Did you know when you flush a toilet it sprays like 4 feet of YUCK! I was watching Dateline on NBC and they tested toothbrushes and stuff on the bathroom counter and you can imagine what they found on them....from the spray of the toilet flushing. UMMMMM GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Aimeslee said...

Ever since the sink in our front bathroom got the roots in the pipes and became unoperational, we have each had a pump bottle of purell hand san at our individual spots around the house and our hands are much cleaner now.

As for the kids, IMHO, society put more of them in harm's way when it began giving legal preference to birth mothers and biological families no matter how toxic they are.