Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello Monday!

I don't have much to say today and I don't have any photos to post right now. I've been taking them in RAW format so they all have to be processed before I can post. While I like the idea behind RAW format, it's a bit more time consuming than I'd like.
So I'm going to do the challenge Maureen put forth today. You can only keep five things you have. What will they be?
I'm going to presume that people are not things so my family and friends don't count toward the five.
1. The blanket my grandma made when I was a little girl that I still have on my bed. As Owen would say "Mommy's Dee-dee".
2. The journal I keep for Owen.
3. My camera. I have two though. So I think if pressed, I'd keep the little one. It's more portable and takes video.
4. My MAC. I'm attached to it. Even though I'd love to upgrade.
5. Teddy. My ratty old bear.
I'm sure if I thought more about this I'd change my mind. I didn't include my wedding photos, which are on my list of things to grab if there's a fire. And that list keeps getting longer. I'd probably go up in flames trying to "grab" stuff!
Oh, a little fun fact. I was reading Ali Edwards' blog today. She got to meet Barack Obama when he was in Oregon and posted photos from this. Did you know he's a lefty? Just thought I'd share.


emily said...

That's so great that you kept your "Dee-dee." I still have my "tuddy!" It's worn and loved but was so important when I was a kid!

Sarah C. said...

Great list! I think my childhood rag doll would be on my list. :)

Noelia said...

Cool list!
I noticed that Obama was a lefty too :)

Aimeslee said...

That's a hard list to create for me, lol.

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Hi thanks for sharing I have started to go raw too. The picture of the candy machines on my blog was shot in raw format.

toners said...

Awesome list! I don't really have much from my childhood, but I know photos would be on my list somwehere :)

Lynn said...

Great list, I don't have many items from childhood but I do have old photos of my grandparents from 1925 that I would grab and of course my kids baby pictures.

BTW- I know how you feel about the whole bra situation. I'm in the same boat. Just haven't found a good place to fit me right. Hopefully the one I'm going to next week will be a winner. Keeping my fingers crossed