Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random thoughts for Thursday...

I don't really have a topic for today and there's no challenge posted yet so I've decided to do some random thoughts. I'll warn you in advance, it may not be very interesting!

1. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. For a long time I thought I had a brain tumor because I had a lot of headaches. I think that can mostly be attributed to the large quantities of sugar I've been known to consume.

2. At work my face is always flush but the rest of me is cold. I can't figure out why this is. I always leave feeling like I have a sunburn on my face and cold toes!

3. Owen has developed a new avoidance tactic. It's called the limp pancake. If he doesn't want to do something he flattens himself on the floor and becomes completely limp when I try to pick him up. Clever and annoying.

4. Men, boys and dogs cannot live in a clean and tidy house. It's like the universe opposes it.

5. Yesterday a miracle happened at our house. Morgan cleaned out his own car and vacuumed it too. I'm pretty sure this is the first time it's ever happened with this car. One time when I was cleaning out his old car I was afraid the entire time that I'd find a dead mouse because he thought he saw one scurry in but didn't see it leave. I never found the mouse. Thank goodness.

6. I spend a lot of time during the day returning things back to where they belong because someone else has taken them out and not put them back. Like right now there is a dirty cup sitting on the table and the table needs to be wiped up but it wasn't like this when I left for work. I try to stay vigilant but when I leave the house they take over.

7. If I had a longer attention span I could probably be diagnosed with OCD. But since my mind wanders and I don't dwell on things for too long it just sort of clears itself up. For instance germs and hand washing. I don't like germs and I do wash my hands a lot but not as constantly as I might if I focused on the germs constantly. I get distracted by other things. Usually chocolate. Or glitter. Or paper. Or a nap.

8. The short attention span is also what keeps me from being mad for too long or holding a grudge. I just can't pay that much attention to it.

9. I like to laugh and I do it almost everyday.

10. Now that part of my butt is almost asleep I'd better stop.


BonnieRose said...

love your tag album so far.. once we move and i get organized eventually.. I will have to do one for an upcoming month..
love your lilac pic.. so beautiful!


Sarah C. said...

That was a great list! #'s 4 and 10 cracked me up. :D

Stella said...

Ah, the old pancake trick. It used to drive me crazy when my daughter used to do that! UGH! Be strong, this too shall pass.

Noelia said...

I was laughing at the pancake trick Owen is doing these days..hehe. I feel for you, it's not easy being 2. And the fact that your attention span is to short to have OCD is way too crack me up!

Jennie said...

I've seen the pancake trick with my grandson Jonah. He and Owen share the same birthday. Maybe they're communicating with each other as what they should do next. lol. I understand about the items appearing out of nowhere... glasses and plates especially lol.

Lida said...

Love your list it was funny and so true!! And the banner is so pretty I love it!

Juliana said...

Oh - the mouse in the car gives me the shivers! So glad a mouse didn't turn up.

Sharmaine said...

Ekkk Mice... blerk! Your brave, I wouldn't have gone anywhere near the car if I was told there was a chance a mouse was there!!!

Michelle said...

Love all the little tidbits! :D

Janet, aka JP said...

This is a great list. I can totally relate! My DD used to do the limp pancake thing. Now my cats do it! LOL