Friday, July 11, 2008

A little Minneapolis...

On Tuesday Morgan and I spent the evening in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center for a networking event through his work. We played miniature golf on an artist designed course and then had a dinner catered by the Wolf Gang Puck restaurant there. It was a lovely evening to be in Minneapolis. After the event we wandered the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and took some pictures.

This is the Spoonbridge and Cherry by Claes Oldenburg. It is a signature piece of artwork for Minneapolis. Morgan took this photograph. I took the other three.

In the background of this one is another church whose name escapes me at the moment. I think it's St. Mark's Episcopal but I'm not certain. Another beautiful church though.
In the background of this one is a building of condominiums. The view from them is spectacular and the building it self it very nice. If we were rich and childless, I'd live here. If we were just rich now, then we'd live in the neighborhood up the hill from here.
This is the Basilica of St. Mary. Every year they host the Basilica Block Party which began 14 years ago to fund the restoration of the Basilica.
Morgan took this picture of me. It's one of the better ones. Stay tuned for my haiku tribute to my chubby face! Which won't actually be a haiku but a senryu. Which is really just a humorous haiku.
Here are several I took of Morgan.

I think my husband is a handsome man. However, it makes it nearly impossible to take a good picture of his handsomeness because he's always hamming it up or making some obnoxious face! I didn't post the one of him in a suggestive position on the lawn by the pond. I just didn't think my friends and family needed to be subjected to that!


Sandra Collins said...

Love the post and the pictures showing the story. tfs

Lily said...

Ok, first off, it is a little weird how much your hubby looks like mine. Love the pictures of the big honkin' spoon! Lookslike you had a wonderful day

Krissynae said...

Great photographs. Looks like you had great weather and a lot of fun. What a cute couple you two make.

CircesMagic said...

I really like your glasses. That spoon and cherry statue is very interesting..are you planning on scrappin it?

Janet said...

Awesome pictures! I really like Minneapolis. I've never actually seen the spoon, though! Not sure how I missed it. I used to travel to Minn a lot when I worked for Norwest. Great pictures of you and your DH!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Noelia said...

awww what lovely pictures of you two lovebirds :)
It's great to see that more and more pictures taken by Morgan are making it into your blog. Maybe he should have his own blog and his own flickr account since he seems to have such an artistic photographic eye :)
Dan can even shoot in automatic mode lol!
Great photos Heather...what's a Haiku? I looked in wiki but I'm just as confused..?