Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Being driven to insanity...

Yesterday I'm pretty sure Owen said "mommy" about a thousand times. And he doesn't just say it once and wait for a response. He says it about 20 times in a row, even though I've responded. I'm beginning to think he doesn't really want anything he's just saying it to say it. Or to drive me nuts! Which by the way, is working. And if it's not just "mommy" it's "mommy come" and I am of course supposed to follow. And if I don't he gets behind me and pushes me where he wants me to go. In the evening I was putting laundry away in our room and he was playing in our closet. He loves to slide the doors back and forth and hide in the closet. He's in there saying "mommy?", "mommy?" "mommy?" and I say "what", "what Owen?" and finally "what?? I'm right here!" Then he starts in with "Owen's, Owen's clothes?" "Owen's??" AHHHHHHHHHH! I may have to go back to wearing ear plugs during the day so I can't hear my name! I used to wear them to drown out the crying and now I just can't stand the constant "mommy" calling.

Last night I went out with The Girls for ice cream. Thankfully none of them called me mommy. I so appreciate that.

Oh, and yesterday's bike ride was a killer. Round trip I rode for 1 1/2 hours and had to walk up three hills. Ugh! And I'm pretty sure it was already 80˚ when we left. More Ugh! But Owen had fun playing and it was good exercise.

My challenge on 2P's today was what scrapping supplies can you not do without and why?

Here's my list of necessities:

1. see thru ruler. 6" and 12" For measuring of course. They have a grid on them so I use them to line things up when necessary.

2. A pencil. For marking things. Cuts, placement etc.

3. Trimmer. For cutting.

4. Adhesive, dry and wet, of some sort. For gluing.

There are other things I always like to have like paper and such but these are my staples. Without them I feel lost.


Sarah C. said...

Not exactly the same - but I had a similar reaction listening to my cats meowing and chasing after me when I came home Monday night. I was worn out and a bit stressed. They wanted to be fed. Cali is a one or two meow cat, but Chester will go on and on until he has his bowl. I snapped at them - like that did any good. LOL

Glad you had a fun time out with the girls and got to be just Heather for a bit. :)

Jennie said...

My grandson is going through the same thing. It's really interesting to compare him and Owen since they share the same birthday. We have date night on Friday and it was kind of like
"yes sweetie?'
"yes sweetie?"
"see cars"

He's obsessed with cars lol

Miranda said...

Should I teach him to call you something else?? Then he would have more variety and it would take longer to annoy you??

Janet said...

The toddler age can sure be challenging! Remind yourself that this is only temporary...soon it will be replaced by a new stage! lol

Agree with your list of "must have" supplies! Those would be on my list, too.

Alyssa said...

Oh, man...I feel your pain. Some days I feel like a crazy person. Hang in there though! Glad you got out with your friends...that always makes being a mommy more bearable.

Linda said...

My ds does the same thing to me, constantly saying my name. Drives me nuts because my girls never did that. But I'm sure I'll miss it when he goes to school in the fall.

Rachael said...

My son is the same way!!!! It drives me insane!! I wonder if it ever stops, he's almost 4!! LOL

toners said...

Both of my kiddos went through something similar: "hey, Mama!", "hey, Mama!" which I'd reply, "what is it?" and then they'd forget, only to remember and start with the "hey Mama" again 5 minutes later! Aaagh! I feel your pain - but this too shall pass :)

emily said...

Keep taking time out to be with friends and just be "Heather" every once in awhile :)

Alli said...

oh wait until he hits 4 and starts with the why questions... I'm a bit under the weather today and i swear he has asked me 60 questions.. he gets fired up and they come one after another until my eyes bulge and i can feel my head start to spin around LOL

jill said...

My kids aren't toddlers but with summer break and 24/7 togetherness it seems like they say mom a million times a day. Not to mention the "at each other" constantly.

Can you tell mom needs a break!?

Gabrielle said...

I just spit ALL over my monitor!


Once he's fast asleep, boy is the house quiet and do I miss his sweet voice! (did I just say that?)