Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Before wordless Wednesday...

It's probably cheating to post all this 2 hours before Wednesday but I wanted to share all of these layouts and I have words to say!

Here are the rest of the layouts from Owen's album. These are Sept 07-May 08. I may have shared the first one already but I couldn't remember when I was photographing them so I decided to do it just in case! I believe if you click them you can view them larger.

The finished album. All 24 layouts plus the cover page!
This is a 12x12 layout I did of Owen and my best friend's daughter Ella.
This is what I'm currently working on. The M&M layout.
Here is my new cricut cartridge. I was so excited to get this!
Thank you to all of your who left me kind words today. I so appreciate them. Owen and I went to Lakeshore Learning today to get some supplies. I found a great book of easy plans for preschool age. It has themes for each week/month and all kinds of ideas. Just what I was hoping for. I also got a set of alphabet puzzle cards. The letter is on one side and a picture/word beginning with that letter. Owen already knows 1/2 of the pictures! So we can work on learning the letters. I wanted to get some counting pieces and beads but being a school store everything was in a larger quantity than I wanted or could afford. So we went with the those things and a plan book, which was free with my $20 ($43 actually!) purchase. The school store is in my top 5 stores to not take a child. Owen was of course thrilled with all there was to see and grab and touch! What frustrated me most was all the carts they had sitting in the aisles of product that needed to be put out. Where, I don't know, but the carts were blocking aisles all over the place which made it difficult to maneuver the stroller and look for things! I didn't think this was the best way for them to go about stocking but maybe they didn't care.

We also had lunch with my mom and sister today. Owen always enjoys going to see them and talks about them all the way there.

Oh, and this morning Owen woke up at 4:45am. I brought him in with us but he didn't go back to sleep so at 5 he and Morgan got up and I stayed in bed till 6:15 when Morgan got in the shower. I've mentioned before I am not a morning person. After Owen finished breakfast (brekist, as Owen says) we went in his room to play. He played, I laid in his bed. Yes, his toddler bed. Curled up. Oh, and I discovered that I can fit into the box the lawn mower came in, with the cover shut. It's downstairs for Owen to play with and he wanted me to get in it. Anyway, Owen was all wound up this morning so I decided he could get his wiggles out at the park with our tot class friends. We meet Tuesday mornings at 10am. So we got ready and left. The park is 10 minutes away. Owen fell asleep 5 minutes from the park! When we got there it was a bit before 10 so I decided to let him sleep while we waited to see if anyone else showed up. At 10:02 I decided I too was tired so we went home. 2 miles from home Owen stretches, looks up and says "hi, hi, hi... dump truck, dump truck, dump truck". The light turned green and I went and 30 seconds later he was asleep again! When we got home I put him to bed and laid down myself! Now it's 10:15pm and I'm wide awake and probably could stay up puttering around for another 3 hours. I need to learn to be a better sleeper.

Oh, and one last thing. Today I made the 2P's newsletter! There is a section of the e-newsletter where projects, photos or questions are featured from the members gallery and one of my photos of the butterflies was featured as well as a link to them in my gallery! I was so excited! Thank you to Aimeslee and It's Not Easy Being Green for letting me know!


Janet said...

great layouts! I also create 2 pagers with many pictures, and always love looking at others. Thanks for sharing!!

jill said...

Great layouts! TFS :)

Lily said...

Wonderful layouts. You sure know how to rock out the two pagers!

Heather Bares said...

great layouts!

A Wonderful World said...

Awesome layouts! And congrats on making the 2peas newsletter!

<---That's me, Pete!! said...

loving the mickey costume you have for Owen. how cute is that!!
those are great scrapbooks! you can tell you put a lot of time and thought into them, nice job.

Janet said...

Congrats on the 2ps newsletter! Suddenly I'm not getting that for some reason...i will have to check it out! So cool!

Love the LO's. What a great feeling to have that album completed. It's such a treasure for Owen and your family to have these childhood memories captured. :-)

Noelia said...

Great pages and congrats on being featured on 2Peas!