Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Cracker Day!

Owen has a shirt that says "Dad's Little Firecracker" which I thought would be cute for him to wear today. To encourage this shirt (and discourage the fit that was about the ensue) I showed Owen the firecracker on the shirt and told him it was for today, Firecracker Day. I said "Happy Firecracker Day". Owen isn't into too many three word statements yet but he's totally into two word ones. So Firecracker Day quickly became "Cracker Day". Two words he knows well. He proceeded to gallop and run around the house yelling "Cracker Day" "Cracker Day". I guess we can add this to his random statement collection which includes "Go Meat!" and "Nikki's House".

Yesterday turned out to be not so bad after all. My mom and my sister had the day off and Owen spent the majority of the day at their house. I brought him over at 11am, we had lunch together and then I left. He frowned a little when I told him I was leaving but after 30 seconds of sitting on my lap he turned to me and said "bye-bye", which is short for "okay Mom, you are dismissed, I am no longer in need of you." I went to JoAnn's, where I found nothing I needed to have and then Archiver's where again, I found nothing I needed to have. Only to remember later that night what I did in fact need from Archiver's. 9x9 page protectors and something else which has again escaped my memory.

After those two stores I decided I was done shopping and came home. I putzed on the computer for a bit and then worked on some more laundry and started cleaning my craft room. While I did manage to shove a bunch of stuff onto the shelves and in the closet I also threw out a bunch of old magazines and stamp catalogs and put a whole lot of other stuff away. It is tidy and functional again! And Owen could be in there with me without getting into too much trouble. No scroll saw sitting on the floor to climb on anymore! Or tempting clothes shaver out in plain sight. Or jars to clank together.

Morgan and I went out to dinner at a little brew pub and picked Owen up about 7pm. I'm pretty sure I haven't spent that much time alone in the house since right before Owen was born.

Morgan is off work today, which is nice. It's always nice to have another person to help with the wrangling! This morning I managed to get May and June photos edited and ready for printing. I need to finish editing pictures for the rest of Owen's 2nd year layouts. And I worked on some pictures for a little mini album.

Later we are going to my mom's for outdoor games and BBQing. Happy 4th!


Gabrielle said...

Happy Cracker Day! Cute!

Hope you have a great 4th! :)

jill said...

Sounds like you had a productive and fun 4th!

I'm in the process of editing May photos too. It takes so much time. My goal this year was to edit and order on a monthly basis. I'm only off by one month...not too bad.

emily said...

So glad to hear you got a little time for yourself yesterday and some time with your family! Happy 4th!