Monday, January 05, 2009

Watch out... I carry a big stick!

On New Year's Day Morgan and I went ice skating at the park by our house. It's fun to be able to skate outside and not have it cost us anything!

When I see pictures of myself skating I always have two thoughts. 1.) Wow! I'm short. 2.) That's a BIG stick!

I love my ice skates. They are a sturdier boot than a figure skate with some padding and insulation but they have a figure blade on them. I wish they had made such a thing when I was a kid! My feet were always cold in figure skates. I couldn't wear figure skates now either because I just don't have the strength in my ankles anymore. But these skates are great and I only need to wear one pair of socks with them and my feet are always warm!

I had a little video I wanted to post to show my great skating skills but it won't upload. So maybe another time!

Also, I've decided that since I posted my giveaway on kind of a bad day for blogging and had a pretty short deadline, I'd give away two more calendars! If you would like to enter to win please leave a comment on this post and tell me why you need a calendar! (Same eligibility rule applies as last time.) Deadline for comments will be 10pm Wednesday!


Sarah C. said...

Looks like fun! I haven't ice skated in years and only once outdoors - usually too warm down here. :)

The calendar is so pretty! Love the simple, clean design and fun sparkly paper. I need a calendar for 2009 to count down those days until baby arrives. ;)

Lee said...

Good for you! You look great out there :)

Lynn said...

I have to say that I just love Owen's photos. I think you have a little photographer on your hands there.

Ice Skating! boy I haven't been in about 12 years! I use to love go, but dh get's all nervous that I'll break something.
You certainly look really warm and the skates sound wonderful.

Benita said...

You look so cute on your skates! I haven't ice skated in YEARS!

I need a calendar because they're just too pretty not to have ;) I missed your last giveaway for them, so I'd love to be entered in this one :)