Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Random thoughts for...what the heck day is it???

Tuesday, it's Tuesday. Got it. All day it's Tuesday. Today's post is about some random stuff. Because I'm in a random mood. Or my head is in a random place.

First, we are currently in the stating the obvious stage of toddlerhood. When the phone rings Owen yells, "Mommy! Phone!! MOOOMMMY PHOOONE!!!" Really?? Is the phone ringing??? When the timer goes off on the oven he yells, "TIMER!! TIMER!!!" Yes sir, that is the timer. Unless the timer is signaling bedtime or naptime. Then he yells, "NO!! NO!! NO!!" and throws himself on the floor. When he hears the mailman drop the mail through the slot he yells, "MAIL! Owen get it!!" When it gets dark he tells us it's dark out. My favorite though, and it doesn't fall in the obvious category, well maybe, is "Owen hungry". This is his response to lots of things. Particulary when told it will be time for bed soon. He and Morgan were at Target yesterday and Morgan told him they were going to go home and then read some stories Owen's response was "O hungry!" It never fails. Someone mentions bedtime and he's hungry. I think I'm going to get him on a 3 snacks 3 meals routine so he can't use this "O hungry" thing anymore.

Second, I'm a junkie. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but I am. I have a problem with sugar. And Little Debbie is my best friend. It would be nice if there were a lovely detox facility for us sugar junkies but there isn't. It would be easier if I were a drug addict (not really). Then I would be a thin addict and I could go to a nice expensive treatment facility to get clean. Instead I'm stuck trying to help myself. Which doesn't work. I'm the reason I'm a junkie in the first place so to try and help myself is kind of a contradiction. To help with my little problem I made chocolate chip cookies today! The problem isn't that I don't know what's good for me or what I need to do. The problem is that I'm not in place (mentally) where I can get myself to do anything about it. Somedays I don't eat a single bite of fruit or vegetables. Or drink much water. I know this needs to change. I know it. And I want to be a good example for Owen and his eating habits but I'm just stubborn and lazy about it.

Third, the winter grays are getting to me. When the temperature is bearable the sun isn't out. When the sun is out it's freakin' cold. I don't mind the snow. I just want to see some sun!

Okay, self-pity party is over! Have a great day! Don't forget to leave a comment below for a cute little calendar!!


Lee said...

Funny ... I remember those days when I was home with my four little monsters and no one was at school. I never remembered what day it was!

After reading your comments, I realized I have something for you. Can you e-mail me? leecurrie at cogeco dot ca?

Oh, and I know I still don't qualify for the calendar, but wanted to leave a comment anyway. So there. :)

DebW said...

Hang in there Heather! The grey days will be gone before you know it.
I remember being at home with my little ones. Make sure you scrap that little informer of yours, cuz before you know it he'll be giving you one word answers!
I confess I too am an addict-Starbucks mocha lattes and patterned paper....I guess it would be worse,right?

Anonymous said...

hi, its me, remember me??? I love this years calendar! my easel is so sad with out anything on it any more!
Any way hi....and can I say I am so glad I don't have small children any more, I feel old and tired just reading about them.....
anyway... are you heading out of town for any ski races this year? there's tons of snow up north, I bet Morgan is thrilled!
Peace Pam

Janet said...

O is going thru a challenging stage! :-) I remember those days...it will pass! Hang in there!
I cannot have snacks in the house. I have no self-control! lol If I buy snacks, I try to buy those I don't like so I am not tempted. It seems to work for me!