Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gnomes for Wordless Wednesday!

1. The Gnome in Somebody's Front Yard, 2. Gnome, 3. Gnomes, 4. gnome through the viewfinder, 5. Snow Gnome, 6. Another Gnome (my favorite), 7. The creepy $3.00 Gnome, 8. gnome alone, 9. Stately Gnome, 10. Lil Gnome, 11. Gnome 365~ Day #3~ 01/03/08~ Blue Skies and Cold Wind at the park., 12. Itty bitty 'shrooms and a gnome popped up!, 13. Gnomes, 14. Nameless gnome, 15. My Lawn Gnome is Home!


Noelia said...

Love the one peeking through the snow!

Janet said...

Oh, I LOVE gnomes! Maybe I've written that before...I had one and it was stolen right out of the garden!

Sarah C. said...

What cute gnomes! :)