Thursday, January 08, 2009

That kid!

Is STILL asleep! It's 8:30am and he's still asleep! I of course had a crappy nights sleep! That good ol' crappy sleep karma. I couldn't fall asleep and then after I did I woke up to find Morgan's face 3" inches from my ear with his mouth open BREATHING! Yes, I know breathing is a good thing. I'm glad he does it. I just wish it wasn't so close to my ear! I like it DARK and QUIET when I'm trying to go to sleep. And he's so not helpful in the quiet department. Especially when's he sick and he's got the mister thing gurgling next to him.

So I got up at 8 and decided to make sure Owen was still alive because this whole sleeping through the night thing rarely happens. I peeked in only to find his bed EMPTY! Yes, no kid. Next to the bed is a pile of blankets. With him in them. It appears he rolled out of bed onto the floor but somehow managed to land softly enough to not wake me or disturb him enough to cry about it. Now if I were a sadistic parent (like he is a sadistic toddler) I would go in there and get close to his ear and yell "WAKE UP!!!" and then start yanking him around and yell "Mommy hungry!" until he gets up and gets me some cereal. At the moment I'm contemplating chocolate chip cookies or cereal for breakfast. I'd like to have the cereal but I don't know if there is enough for both of us and if I eat it I'm sure it's exactly what he will want when he finally decides to wake from his peaceful slumber.

After I verified his state of aliveness (I'm sure there's a better word for this but my mushy mom brain can't think of what it would be) I decided I would take a shower. Yes, in the MORNING! It was great even if it wasn't very long. I feel clean and ready for the day! And just to be a rebel I'm going to drink some water today AND take a vitamin!

And to share a little funny...


Sharla said...

Cute story, hope your little one feels better soon.

Oh, and I LOVE the quote about talent..... :)

jillconyers said...

Isn't it just great being mom ;)

Entertaining post. Thanks for the laugh.