Friday, January 30, 2009

Ah Friday...

Here is the picture of the week from our house! Owen LOVES chocolate pudding. Morgan makes some REALLY good homemade stuff. However, this week it turned out a little thin. But Owen loved it anyway. He had the leftovers for breakfast on Monday and it was quite the mess. This is the less messy of the pictures!
It was another busy week around here. Not as busy as last week but close. We had a dinner meeting at church on Tuesday. Toddler class began on Wednesday. Hooray! Owen and I were both pretty excited about this. I worked two days, and it's been pretty busy there too. Lots of refinances for the lower mortgage rates. Yesterday morning we went to Lisa's to do some playing and creating. Then Naunee picked Owen up so I could finish getting ready for the baby shower. Lori, Maggie and I threw Nikki a baby shower yesterday evening. It was a good time. Her daughter is doing very well. Gaining weight and just progressing like a little rock star. Hopefully she will be able to come home soon.

Here are the onesies I made for her.
I also made a first year scrapbook for her. She just need to put pictures in each month and record milestones. I have pictures of that too but need to do some resizing before I post them.

This weekend is Morgan's work holiday party. It's a game show theme. Should be interesting. And Sunday we are being new memebered at church. I don't know what the correct term is. Confirmed as members I guess. We've been attending this church for a couple of years and finally decided to make it official. It doesn't really change anything, just puts us on the record I guess.

Other random things to share...

Right now there is a beautiful cardinal sitting in the lilac bush outside the study window. I love to watch him in the winter. He's been sitting there for quite a while chirping away. We could put out some food for him but the darn squirrels would find it before the cardinal would!

The weather is supposed to warm up today and into the weekend. I'm so tired of wearing a coat. I know it's only January but I really prefer to wear a fleece or sweatshirt and a vest. So that's what I've been doing. It drives me crazy to have all that bulkiness on my arms and in my arm pits!!

I've been working on some fun t-shirts for my friends Lisa and Dawn. I'm also knitting a blanket for Nik's daughter. It was supposed to be done for the shower yesterday but I'm a slow knitter. So I'll just keep plugging along and give it to her when it's done!

I've been a little aggitated this week. I don't know if it's because of having the shower yesterday and getting ready for that or just it being January. Or being busy at work with a lot of files. It helps me to be able to spend some time creating each day and I haven't been able to really do that consistently this week or last so I think doing that will help. And getting so exercise, which I'm working on.

Yesterday morning I took apart the bathroom sink drain and tackled the clog. It's been a slow drain for quite sometime but this last week and a half it's gotten terrible. To the point where it wasn't draining at all. So it was either call a drain cleaner guy or do it myself. I decided to go it on my own. I took the trap off and cleaned that and that didn't do it. So I got the pipe snake thingy and started jamming that around in the pipe. Eventually I got it all cleared out and it's draining perfectly!! Saved myself $100 by getting down and dirty! I don't know what was in the pipe but it was gross! Thank goodness for rubber gloves!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all staying warm!


Sarah C. said...

Wow! You have been busy. :) Those onesies are adorable! Were they easy to do? I'm struggling to resist buying all things baby right now. LOL

Way to go on the drain cleaning! I hate doing that always so icky. But it sure beats the alternative.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the weekend!

jillconyers said...

No wonder you haven't updated lately. Man, you're a busy lady! The onesies are too cute.

Seriously jealous of your weather!

Lee said...

I agree, the onesies are adorable! So glad all is well, you have indeed been busy. I wouldn't even know how to use a snake in the drain, good for you.

Have a wonderful weekend :)