Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!

Hooray for a new year! I'm going to have to remember to write 2009 on my checks now. Good thing I don't write too many checks. I don't think our church will care if I mess it up every now and again!

Owen spent the night at Mimi's house last night while Morgan and I went to a party thrown by one of his coworkers. It was an interesting mix of people with good food and lots of laughs. We had a nice time and were home by 11:45pm. Mostly to avoid any driving issues. I talked to Mimi and Owen this morning. Besides a lot of coughing he did fine with his first over night. I wasn't terribly worried but one never knows how things will go. When I talked to him he said "Hello Mommy." I asked him what he'd been doing at Mimi's to which he respond with a few things I could and could not understand and then he said "Okay, bye-bye" and gave the phone back to my sister! I guess he didn't ask about me at all! My mom says he probably misses me but just doesn't know how to express it and he's having a good time so he's not feeling insecure at all. All good things, I just felt a little... not needed!

Morgan's baking bread today. We are going to go for a skate before picking Owen up. Not much else on the agenda. Maybe a little shopping!

Janet posted a wonderful post today about the value of time and being more thoughtful of how we spend it. If you have moment please check it out.

As I was reading a few blogs today I was thinking about some of the technology that we have at our finger tips. Specifically blogs and facebook and digital photography. All part of my daily routine and things that I would be lost without. I so enjoy the friends that I've made via blogging and the internet. People I don't know in person but have connected with through shared life experiences. Alli wrote that she took 121 pictures at the park today. I had to giggle about that. With a film camera it would be ridiculous to have taken that many pictures of our children playing at the park but with digital it's totally doable! I love that. And then of course there's facebook. I love FB. Such a fun way to keep in touch and vent my inner thoughts quickly and without repercussion. Often with a little commenting from my friends. And then there is the aggrivating Scavenger Hunt. I've one item left to find on it. The elusive Santa Claus! Speaking of spending time thoughtfully!

Happy New Year!


Janet said...

Happy 2009 to you, too, Heather! Thanks for the link to my post. This time of year always makes me stop and think about life. It's a good opportunity for me to get things back on track, emotionally, spiritually, physically.

ITA with your comments about technology! I would be totally lost without all of this stuff. It's funny how we come to depend on it. I love how it connects us to wonderful people we never would have met! :-)

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy that homemade bread!

emily said...

It is funny how technology allows us to all connect. I have never considered myself tech saavy but I am hooked on my computer, blogs, my digital camera and LOVE them! I too have truly enjoyed getting to know women all over the place and hearing about their days, worries, jobs etc. Happy 2009 to you!