Thursday, March 13, 2008


I would like some. Not that I'm not getting any sleep. But I'd like the kind of sleep where you get to go to bed at a reasonable time, fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly and wake up at a reasonably acceptable time in the morning, refreshed and ready for the day. I think I may have had one of these nights last month. But they are so few and far between I can't quite remember.

BJ and I were lamenting about sleep just last week. She has an almost 3 year old who is having some sleep disturbances. Which doesn't make me feel better because then I know it just doesn't magically clear up!

As you can guess the sleep issues aren't just my own. They begin with Owen. At first I just thought he as adjusting to the time change. We'd put him to bed and he'd not fall asleep. So he'd get up and play a bit more or just relax with us for a half hour and then we'd put him back to bed. He's been waking in the night too. The day before yesterday he woke up and threw a huge fit which was finally calmed by our friend Elmo. But last night we put him down later. Same routine we've done since he was 3 months old. And 10 minutes later Morgan went in to get him because he was screaming "daddydaddydaddy" and "downdowndown". We aren't always sure which daddy he wants (me or Morgan) because he uses it for both of us. He will use mommy for me also, just not in times of dire need! Last night we did this three times. The third time it was almost 10pm and Morgan brought him into our room. Where he demanded that both of our bedside lamps be on! Then I held him and he fell asleep. This almost never happens. He is just not a child who falls asleep other places. UNLESS he's really tired. I tried to get comfortable with him next to me but with three of us in the bed it just wasn't going to happen. So I eventually brought him back to his crib around 12:45. Where he's been sleeping ever since! And it's 10 after 8. He hardly ever sleeps this late either.

There are 3 things I dislike about parenting. Sleep issues, snot, and poop. Sleep issues are by far #1. When good sleep isn't happening no one in the house is happy. Not even the dog. The funny thing is that he's so happy and good natured almost all the rest of the time. Several people at church asked us if he was always so smiley and happy. And we had to say yes. Most of the time. Except at 2am!

On a good note, today should be another lovely day. It's already 35˚ with a forecasted high of 47˚ and the sun is shining!


Aimeslee said...

I'm about ready to nod off myself at 8 in the morning. It's the pits, isn't it?

Colleen said...

Oh I'm so sorry t hear you're going through this! The joys of parenting, eh? Just when you think you've got it figured out, it changes! Hope it improves and this is just a little bump in the road!

Lynn said...

Ahhh.. poor Owen and Mommy and Daddy! I haven't been sleeping well myself lately. I'm sure this is just a small bump in the road as Colleen said. I have to say that once my kids were asleep, most of the time they slept pretty good, especially once they were 1. One suggestion that always seemed to work with my kids... As long as it was not raining out I would have them go outside and play. The cool weather and them running around makes for a very good sleep! I would take them to the park for hours sometimes. Just bundle him up and let him go!
Hope you get a great nights sleep tonight.

Staci said...

I feel for you. I have been sleeping for 2-3 hours for the last 3 months. It really wears on you after awhile. Wishing you a restful night of sleep soon!

Anonymous said...

Can you send some of your weather here? It was 80 something in Phoenix today. Ugh. Too hot, too early. I lived in Minnesota for a month when I was younger, but it was during the summertime.

And I can totally relate about the sleeplessness. I'm surprised I managed to stay awake at work today since I was up past my bedtime last night and didn't get out of bed until the last possible second today.