Tuesday, March 18, 2008


March is NOT my favorite month. As a matter of fact, it is my least favorite month of the year. I believe I've mentioned this before. And the reason for the intense dislike is because the weather is just awful. One day it's 50˚ and the next there's snow. I don't like that. In December I could handle it. Even enjoy it. But not in March. By this time in March I want spring!

On another note, my sister found Owen's Easter outfit yesterday! I had seen something I really like at Sears but they didn't have his size and then I found something similar at Target but still not in Owen's size. So yesterday during her lunch break Miranda went to the Target by her office and they had one! Here it is! I had found a few other things I liked but not as bright and far more expensive! I'm not willing to spend $50 for an Easter outfit. I was hung up on the orange sweater vest.

On another note, my replacement lens comes today! I'm so excited.

And finally, Maureen's challenge today is: What is something you do well?

Hmmm. I'm not good at tooting my own horn. Maybe it's the Lutheran in me! I'm good at helping. I enjoy helping people. Maybe that's part of why I was/am a good teacher. I was good at going to school too! I'd like to think I do some art well but I'm not always sure! The collage piece I'm working on right now bears a large resemblance to the Brady Bunch era! Oooo! I feel a You Tube search coming on!


Lynn said...

Just love Owen's Easter outfit! The orange makes it very Spring like.

March is not a favorite month for me either, but what can we do? WE still hve to live through it. I just hope that it goes quickly the rest of the months had so far this year.

As for your ABC tag, I just love it. I'm going to do it later on. And I have to agree with you on the whole chocolate thing. I can't live without it either.

jill said...

You're right about March! Cute easter outfit. I remember when I could get my ds into a cute easter outfit. Not anymore LOL

Dd on the other hand would never pass up a chance for a new outfit. Wonder where she gets that from?!?

Linda said...

What a cute outfit! I agree with you about March. I am so ready for Spring.

Noelia said...

LOVE that Easter outfit!! He's going to look so grown up! I hear ya about March being so out of control. If it wasn't because it's Dan's b-day and March Break, I could totally do without this month.

P.S On the other hand, I'm so not ready for Spring! I need to get in shape...ready for a little Weight Loss challenge?

jp said...

What a cute Easter outfit! He'll look so grown up! :-)