Thursday, March 20, 2008

Practice, practice, practice...

I was doing a bit of practicing with my new lens today. It's a handy lens for several reasons. First it's a fixed or prime lens meaning it doesn't zoom. It's fixed at 90mm. Second it has a 2.8 aperture which means it's fast. I can take pictures with less light than say my regular lens which only goes down to 3.6. And lastly, but the best part, is the macro feature. It has 1:1 macro capability.

And incidentally I stopped at the camera shop on the way home from work tonight to have my lens looked at. The guy I talked to checked it out pretty thoroughly and thought it was fine. It's amazing how much ambient noise stores have! I had a hard time hearing the sound and I could barely hear it in the lens the store had. But he thought it was fine so I think I'm okay with it. EDITED: I got this message from Tamron this morning. That is normal for that mount lens as there is a pair or bearing in the lens that interacts with the camera but when not attached, you can hear them more clearly moving around. If the lens is operating fine otherwise, then you do not have anything to worry about.

So first a macro shot of some primas.
Second a macro shot of this cool old postal scale that I have in my craft room. It used to be Morgan's grandpa's.

Here's Ashton Henry sitting on his suitcase waiting to take a trip. Poor Ashton Henry has been waiting a long, long time. I feel bad about that but he was lost for a bit.

The 90mm is a good lens for portraits also. It creates good bokeh which you can see in this first photo of Owen and also in the one above of Ashton Henry.

Owen isn't the best subject for portrait practice. He doesn't exactly hold still!

I also used the lens to take pictures of my latest project. It's actually an ongoing project for the year. Cathy Z. posted some templates for tags to tell stories with. You can see some of her tags on her blog.

I decided this is my project for the year. I am doing one tag a week. Kind of like the Deck of Me cards last year. I was feeling a little lost not doing those cards each week. I don't have any for January or February but hey, that's okay. So each week I pick a little something to write about. The third tag is my favorite. Mostly because it has pictures.

On another note, did you know, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the average person changes careers 3 times in their life? I've decided that since I'm going to be 35 this year, I need to change careers. And I've decided I am going to be an artist. I thought maybe if I decided it, and declared it, then I could make it happen. We'll see how it goes. I suppose it would be good to settle on a medium.


Lynn said...

I'm so happy to hear that the new lens is working fine. That is great news.

I love the photos you took with it. Owen is just soooo adorable and I love Ashton Henry. He sure does look like he is ready for a trip.

Those tags are amazing! I love the 3rd one also basically for the same reason. Have fun with it.

I didn't know that average person changes jobs 3 times in their life... Well I guess I'm just an over achiever! I can't think of how many I have had now. Lets see... A donut baker, waitress, bank teller, mom, bus driver, dmv representive, a cashier, a manager for a workout center, a trainer for a workout center, a pre-school teacher, whoooo... I can't type anymore. You get the point. I hope you have a great day and good luck with the new career. You will be excellent at it.

Alli said...

great photos, what type of camera do you have? I love playing around and practising

Lida said...

Love your pictures, and would love to learn how to take good pictures, your baby is so adorable!!!

milkcan said...

Seriously, those tags are GORGEOUS! I absolutely looooove them! And that photo of the Primas is just fab!

jp said...

Your photos are great! Have fun playing with that new lens!

Love the tag book. I've been reading about Cathy's on her blog. It's a great project. Your tags are so neat!

So on the artist front...I'd say you already are one! :-)

Noelia said...

I'm glad you finally got an explanation as to why the lens sounded funny. It makes a lot of sense! I bet you were relieved and it does take fantastic pictures! I'm amazed at how much Owen grows. The pictures are adorable. Being an artist is a good career change because you're so passionate about it. And I love your yearly project, I will look forward to more of these tags.

maggie said...

I need to get a new lens as well.
Have a great day,

Jules said...

Those are great shots I wish i had a super aswesome camear - super cute kidlet too!

Wyanne said...

Heather: keep up the good work and thanks for your concerns with my daughter. Love, Wyanne

Nat said...

love your photographs! And the project is beautiful!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

oooh, like that lens! Cute pictures and love those tags. Looks like your getting a lot done

Aimeslee said...

Congrats on your new profession! I am hopeful you'll find it interesting to do a series of Miksang photo tags!