Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh well...

I called B & H this morning about the lens and the man on the phone (not named Henry) determined it was defective. I believe he may have been at a call center but he was very nice and is e-mailing me the return authorization as well as the UPS labels so I can return it at no cost to me. They will also be sending me a replacement. I am disappointed that it is defective but am pleased with the service I've received. So no new macro photos until the new lens arrives.

I've also discovered that the new lens will not fit in my camera bag in the soft sided case it came with. I'm contemplating putting it in there without the case but I'd like it to be protected from the other lenses. I don't want them to scratch each other. Kind of makes them sound like kids doesn't it!?

This weekend was busy for me. Scrapping on Saturday and Bunco on Sunday. That meant Morgan spent a good deal of the weekend with Owen. I don't worry about them. They seem to do well together. I just make sure to tell Morgan what time Owen's nap should be at. Saturday night we also attended the MN Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala. That was very fun but my feet got rather sore! I'm not used to wearing heels much anymore! We had a wonderful dinner but a bit spicy for me. I'm a bit of wimp when it comes to spice though! Great music and conversation.

Sunday after I came home from Bunco I began cleaning off the kitchen table for dinner. I pulled out one of the chairs to discover that "someone" had scribbled all over it with a ballpoint pen. I shouted "WHAT IS THIS!?" Morgan took a look and said, "Owen!" And I told Morgan he couldn't get after him now since it had been at least an hour since it had happened. Not to mention that someone let him have the ballpoint pen and wasn't supervising him when it happened! So now we have one red vinyl retro chair with scribble marks on it. I scrubbed at it with 409, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and a magic eraser to no avail. Oh well, I've switched it to the study where it won't be seen by too many people.


Miranda said...

You know, you could use the top part of a sock to put around your lens, that would protect it with out adding to much bulk...Thats just my 2 cents. I don't have any suggestions about the pen except that with leather, it eventually wears off. SO just let your butt do the work :)

Noelia said...

Sorry to hear about your lens but at least you are sending it back to get a new one. It's hard sometimes to be patient isn't it? ;)
I have no advice for the scribbling on your chair but like Miranda said, maybe it'll wear off?
I like your new AA quote that you have, I noticed it the other day and I have to send you a picture of something rather coincidental...we're so much alike. I'll e-mail you later :)