Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My returned lens was received by B & H yesterday. However, this is not showing up on my account with them. So I called to find out why. Because returns are sent to their dock. And it will take 2-3 days for the return to show up on my account. So I asked when a replacement might be sent out and I was told perhaps the end of the week. The rep did offer an alternative option for me though. I could repurchase the lens and would get free and upgraded shipping and then take a refund for the returned lens. Well, this would be great, fabulous in fact IF I DIDN'T USE MY DEBIT card to buy the lens in the first place! Which is like paying cash. Not the invisible money of a credit card. So now I don't have the money or the lens. And they will get it to me in their own sweet time. Oh, but the policy for returning defective merchandise is to notify them of the defect in 2 business days. Yes, 2. Good thing I wasn't out of town when it came or I'd be stuck with a broken lens. But it's appearing that their process to exchange takes 2 weeks. I just don't find that acceptable.


Aimeslee said...

So sorry, Heather, I can feel your disappointment just reading all the peaks and valleys of dealing with them. I'll be hoping for you that they surprise you with a quick delivery.

Henry Posner said...

We're sorry for your difficulty and this inconvenience. You have fifteen days to ask to return a product. Our website caveat that "Claims for damaged or missing items must be received within two business days of receipt of merchandise," covers people who wish to use B&H as a lending library and for the rare instance when an item is obviously and visibly damaged upon arrival.

When we receive your package, along with all the others from that days's UPS & USPS deliveries, each has to be logged in, marked for distribution and distributed. Your lens gets routed to our returns dept which has to log it in, match it against the particular transaction which sold it, and then label it for refund, exchange or what-have-you.

We endeavor to do this as efficiently as possible, because we want to be accurate and reliable about this. Sometimes that accuracy adds a little to the overall turnaround time, but we intend to fulfill this to your satisfaction absolutely as speedily as is possible.

Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're not giving me much encouragement for ordering my new future camera from B&H. ALthough I ordered my XT from then almost 2 years ago and had no problems, I really look at what experiences other people have had.

I hope you're able to get this straightened out soon.