Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I found this on Brenda's Blog and thought I'd do it too.

A: Attached or single? Attached
B: Best friend? I keep a small circle of good friends. They are all the best!
C: Cake or pie? I don't discriminate with desserts! I just don't like nuts! Well, cashews and almonds. But come on, who doesn't like cake AND pie!?
D: Day? The good ones
E: Essential Item? Mascara and warm socks
F: Favorite Color? Green
G: Gum or Mints? Yes, gum or mints. It doesn't matter cuz when your breath stinks, it stinks, and you shouldn't be picky.
H: Home Town? Lexington, MN
I: Indulgences? Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Did I mention chocolate?
J: January or July? July. It's my sister's birthday. Otherwise neither. Too cold and too hot.
K: Kids? Yes. One adorable little boy.
L: Life is incomplete without? Family, friends and art.
M: Mexican or Italian food? Both
N: Number of siblings? 1 sister who I grew up with and 3 other 1/2 siblings that I didn't.
O: One word that describes you? Particular
P: Phobia? Probably bugs. I'm not a fan of bugs.
Q: Quote? Not being curious is more dangerous than being dumb. -Lizz Winstead
R: Reason to smile? It looks better than a frown.
S: Season? Fall and spring
T: Tag? Everyone who reads this better post it on their own blog!
U: Unknown fact about you? The second toe on my right foot is longer than the first. Not so for my left foot. My left foot is bigger than my right.
V: Vegetable you love? Potatoes of all varieties and all methods of preparation.
W: Worst Habit? Perfectionism.
X: X-ray or Ultrasound? I've had both done. Neither hurt.
Y: Your favorite food? Again, why discriminate. I don't want the cheeseburgers to feel bad when I say fries. Or the fries to feel bad when I say ice cream. It's easier to ask what I DON'T like!
Z: Zodiac Sign? Scorpio. Yes, one of THOSE people!


Anonymous said...

LMBO! Your answers to the ABCs made me laugh

Noelia said...

Your answer to the gum or mints was hilarious! Loved your answers and I will do the same on mine tomorrow :)