Friday, February 22, 2008

Tub time!

Exactly how long can a child stay in the tub? Good question. Today it was at least an hour and a half.
Owen has been having some intestinal issues and consequently developed a bit of a rash. Which as you know makes for an unhappy boy. I decided a bath with some Aveeno would be good and Owen doesn't protest baths to often. After about 45 minutes I asked him if he was ready to get out and he'd say in his toddler voice "nooo". So I let him be. A little while later I asked again. Some response. He was happy to play with his cups, filling and pouring. I asked a couple more times and he still didn't want to get out. I figured the water had gone cold but it was still luke warm and okay for Owen. The deciding factor came when he had dumped a full cup of water on the floor. Then it was time to get out. He still wasn't thrilled but I finally wrestled him out and into a towel. Then I let him run around and air dry so his bum would get good a dry.

I shouldn't be surprised at his love of bath time. I was a big fan when I was a child too. We lived with my grandparents and everytime someone got into the tub I was right there wanting to get in too. I was usually left to play after the original bath taker got out. While I was pregnant with Owen I spent a lot of time in the tub too. Soaking and watching my tummy move. Maybe that's when Owen developed his love of tubtime. But I think it's a general love for most kids.

Now he's down for a much needed nap. Yesterday he didn't take one even though he desperately needed one so I hope today he gets caught up on his rest. Morgan's parents are in town for several days and I'd like Owen to feel good enough to play and enjoy visiting too.

On a positive note the temperature here is above zero! No more negative numbers for a while! Tomorrow we may even get above freezing! This morning we had to run over to Nikki's because she locked herself out of the house BEFORE going to work! So I warmed up the car, grabbed a blanket, and tossed Owen into his seat without a coat! I will be so glad when we don't have to wear our coats all the time again!


Noelia said...

As long as the water is still warm, I would leave him for as long he wants. Just bring in a good chair or something comfortable to sit on as the floors will get really wet :)

Lynn said...

Owen looks so adorable in his bath! My kids could stay in there for hours and play. It was my quite time.

Aimeslee said...

He's such a cutie. Loved how you remembered watching your tummy move in the tub. Thanks, friend, for your sweet thoughts. And, HEY, I was so tickled at your shoe fur comments and your green comment, that I can't buy you shoes but I'm making you a green atc to send ya. It's such a refreshing color.

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Hallelujah to the warmer temps!! I don't think I could have handled another day below 30 either! That's so cute that Owen loves to kick back in the bath! Whatever makes him happy, right? I'm all for that. Hope he caught up on some napping.