Monday, February 18, 2008

So long warm weather...

This weekend we had decent weather. And now we're back to the colder temps. It's currently 5˚. The average for this time of year is around 30˚. I would much prefer that. I did get to go ice skating with my sister and her BF though. I tried out my sister's hockey stick and yesterday Morgan and I each got our own. Morgan tried his out with my sister and her BF yesterday. I think he was expecting to be better at it than he was. But considering that he didn't grow up ice skating or playing any kind of hockey (floor or ice) he does pretty well. Morgan grew up in Nebraska where I guess hockey is mostly nonexistent. I was not aware of that.

I also worked on a little project this weekend. I'd always wanted to put some words on the walls in Owen's room. But I wasn't sure what words or with what. I'd considered ordering some custom wall rub-ons but they are very expensive. Then I was reading on the Cricut Message Board about these Wall Pops sold at Lowe's. They are like contact paper but not as sticky and there were directions about how to put them through the Cricut. So I got some and tried it out. I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

I choose some lyrics from a Paul Simon song. Morgan loves Paul Simon and I thought they applied well to a little boys childhood.
I used some of the left over Pops from a little inspiration in my craft room.

I also made a memory game for Owen. I found some round chipboard coasters in the dollar bin at Michael's. So I printed up pictures and glued them to the backs of the coasters. I choose things he will recognize so hopefully it will be fun for him.

To celebrate President's Day we had lunch with Nikki. She didn't have school today and brought lunch over. Leann Chin's. So good! So we had a nice lunch and as I was cleaning Owen up he started to cough and then threw up his lunch and breakfast! Nikki is a middle school teacher, which is good because she isn't phased by much, and helped clean up the floor before the dog decided too! Thanks Nik! I really appreciate you! I think he just has a sensitive reflex but he's been throwing up a lot recently. Mostly from just coughing. Thank goodness for water and oyster crackers. No matter what, he will still eat those!


Anonymous said...

Love the wall pops! My kids made fish and frogs for in their bathroom. Cheap way to decorate a wall or mirror.
How nice if Nikki to help with Owen's mess. Are you glad it was not Maggie that was there??!!!

Michele G.

Lynn said...

Heather, I've never heard of those Wall pops! I'm going to have to look for them! The walls look awesome and love the sayings. Great job.

I hope Owen's cough gets better soon. I just hate when they are not feeling well.

Noelia said...

Love how O's walls turned out, so neat!
I didn't know you played hockey...good for you!

Rachel Whetzel said...

OH yeah... my oldest son had that weakness to coughing... he could gag so easy when he had a cough.... poor boy. LOVE the words on your wall!! Now I have the song in my head. Love that CD.

Aimeslee said...

Oh, wow, love what you did with your Cricut. That message board is way too tempting for me, but a treasure trove of info. I admire you doubly for checking it out!

Hate that gag reflex stuff. Missy never had it but one of my nephews did. Here's to it clearing up soon.

Maureen said...

Love words on the wall. Great idea