Monday, February 04, 2008

Never a dull moment...

Tonight Morgan called me to let me know he was at the emergency room. But I shouldn't be alarmed as he had only cut the end of his finger off. WHAT!? He had a meeting tonight to prepare for a produce workshop he's presenting in tomorrow (long story) and brought his new sharp knife, which is sharper than he thought! The last time we were at the emergency room it took like 6 hours. So I looked online to see if urgent care was open and what the wait was. I called him back and told him to find out if he could go there instead. The ER is expensive! So he left the ER for UC and called to let me know that the wait was only slightly better but that's where he was at. Morgan is good with a knife but apparently TOO good!

Maureen left me a little note to stop by her blog where I found this!

Isn't that sweet! I was so excited to see it. I strive to provide creative, interesting and funny content here.

I would like to give this rating to the following blogs:
1. Noelia (Maureen picked her too but I must also!)
2. My sister (The Craft Bot. Where you can always get a dose of Wild Hockey too!)
3. GingerKitty
4. Gina
5. Colleen
6. Aimeslee
7. Dana
8. Jill
9. Sabrina
10. Alyssa

I'm sure I can add more to the list but I've stopped at 10 because I can't find the links to the rest that I'd put up if I could!

And Sabrina tagged me to post 7 random/weird things about myself.

1. I'm a little obsessive about things. Not anything in particular it can just happen whenever. Like when I'm vacuuming I have to vacuum everything. It can sometimes get overwhelming but I try to keep it in check by just accomplishing what I can within the time I have.

2. I like Diet Coke with Lime. Not other soda. JUST DC with Lime!

3. I don't like lotion. It makes me feel greasy. As a result my hands get really dry in the winter and tend to crack and bleed. Then I will put lotion on at night.

4. The exception to #3 is my face. I wear Oil of Olay with SPF on my face everyday.

5. I am hypersensitive to smells.

6. I'm also hypersensitive to tags on clothes and fuzzies in my socks (Michele is thinking not the fuzzies again). I don't like it when things don't feel right!

7. I absolutely cannot stand open mouth chewing. And I married a man who does it!

I'm sure there are 20 other weird things I could write about but as I told Sabrina I've just gotten so accustomed to my oddities I don't even notice them anymore!


After Owen's nap this afternoon he woke up happy! I was so happy! He played while I put clothes away and didn't get into any trouble or throw a fit. Then he watched Elmo for a bit while I finished making dinner. Which he ate all of with out incident! Whew! Then we went to Target to get snacks for his school and browse. He wanted out of the cart which I agreed to because if I didn't there'd be fit throwing. He mostly stayed with me but it did lengthen the trip a bit. He loves to say hi and smile and wave at people. It's like he's greeting his public! He was also not happy that he didn't get to eat the crackers we bought. I distracted him with Elmo stickers though and that was a bit helpful. Now he's in bed, hopefully for the night!

I'm off to print some pictures for his class tomorrow and then spend some time organizing in my crap, I mean CRAFT room.


Aimeslee said...

Geebers, hope Morgan's finger tip grows back! Dang! ITA about UC. We have had one here for about a year or so, and we've been like 4 times. But not for ER type stuff, more like after-hours office visits.

jill said...

Thank you for the E rating! How cool! I'll add it to my blog today.

Love your random list. We have a few "weird" in common ;)

Colleen said...

Wow! Thanks so much for adding me to your list! Made my day!

Love these random list tags too! Always insightful!

toners said...

Great list! I hope Morgan's finger is feeling better today. Your "E" rating is well-deserved!

Alyssa said...

Wow! Thanks!!! I love your blog too and have it bookmarked. I lurk often and comment once in a while. Thanks again!

Noelia said...

Glad that Owen was good to you on that day and congrats on your E rating! Love reading your blog so thanks for linking me too :)