Friday, February 15, 2008

A big sigh of relief....

Owen's test went well. We were a bit late in getting to the hospital due to snow and a traffic incident (not us). The appointment was early 7am. The staff at Children's was great. Very kind, informative, and reassuring. Owen was a brave boy. He left them check him over and see their instruments and when they put the IV in for the sedative he hardly cried. It was difficult for me to see him "out" as he was so limp. But they assured us that he was fine and his vitals were good and stable. The test itself took about 30 minutes and Owen was awake and moving about within an hour of having the sedative. He's not one to be kept down! Now we wait for the results. We were told our doctor should have them by Monday at the latest so I will be calling her to find out. We've an appointment with a pediatric neurologist in April but I would think that if the MRI was fine that it will be unnecessary. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. We have really appreciated it.

Our Valentine's Day was good. Owen got two new Elmo videos from Grammie. He also got several Valentine's in the mail which is was fun for him. Morgan and I decided we'd both get skates for Valentine's day and he also got me a beautiful rose. We had roast for dinner and Morgan made a scrumptious molten chocolate cake. We'd had some at a restaurant a month ago and it was so good. Morgan's was as good or better than what we had at the restaurant. Better because they're was leftovers! So the macro lens will wait until we get our tax return or our economic stimulus package!

Maureen's challenge today is: Your unfulfilled dreams. Why so?

What a loaded question! Where to begin?

1. A Rockette! And if you know me, you know why! You've got to be well over 5' tall to be a Rockette.

2. A ballerina. Again. Height. And I didn't continue with my ballet training beyond high school. I did modern dance in college but it wasn't part of my major and I just didn't make time to do it.

3. A race car driver. No training and I really don't live in the right state for this dream!

4. An artist. Although it's something I'm working on. I'm just not good at sticking to one medium.

Beyond that I believe dreams are like life. You get out of them what you put into them. I was raised to believe I could be whatever I want to be. And while that might be idealistic I still believe it. People do amazing things everyday at all ages and stages in their lives. There is no reason why people can't realize their dreams. Unless of course you want to be a Rockette and you're only 5' tall! I may be idealistic but I can also recognize when something is just not possible!


toners said...

I'm glad to hear that the procedure went smoothly; it's hard to watch doctors treating our kids sometimes, even if it is for their own good. I still don't like taking them even just for a shot!

Linda said...

I'm glad his appt went well and that you had a nice Valentine's day.

Aimeslee said...

Oh, thank heavens it went well. I know you will sleep well tonight. Except you might need to get up in the middle of the night for some of that cake, LOLOL. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, and I just ate a Dove chocolate! Cake rules!

Lynn said...

Heather, I'm so happy to hear that everything went well with the MRI. I know that it is a hard thing to watch.

Sounds like you and Morgan had a great Valentines Day! That cake sure sounds devine! I think I can almost taste it.

BTW- thank you soooooo much for the lovely card. It warmed my heart. You are a wonderful lady.

Maureen said...

Glasd to hear his appt went well, hope you get good news from the DR

Noelia said...

Glad to hear Owen's test went well, keep us posted with the results...I'll continue to pray for you and your family.

Sounds like you had a wonderful V-day with Morgan!