Monday, February 25, 2008

Think spring!

Thursday Owen and I went to Trader Joe's and picked up a few things. Including a lovely bouquet of flowers. February and March are the perfect months for fresh flowers in the house because they are such dreary months here in MN! Here are a few shots of the flowers.

Friday night the moon was huge and orange in the sky. But by the time I got my camera and got to a place where I could get a good shot it just looked like the moon. But here it is anyway!

One of these days I'll catch it when it's low in the sky and very big!

We had a good weekend with Morgan's parents. Owen enjoyed having them around to play with and also playing with his cousin who we spent time with also. Nathan is almost 12 but he and Owen play well together.

On the photography front... I decided today to order the new lens! I looked at it again at the camera store last week and tried it out and then read some more reviews online. There is a rebate for it until the end of March and I've been saving up money for it so I decided to just get it. Unfortunately the store I like to get my photography things at here in MN won't match B & H's price completely. So I've decided to order it from B & H. While I want to support the local economy I can't afford to spend $80 more to do so. My FIL has ordered from B & H before and has been very happy with their service and such so I'm fine with going through them.

The lens is a Tamron 90mm Macro. Which will give me a total of 135mm so I can use it for portraits too. I'm more excited about the Macro part. I love close up photography and am hoping the flowers last until the lens comes so I can experiment! I also ordered a replacement lens cap for one of my Sony lenses since I lost it shortly after I got the camera. I have a generic one but it doesn't fit well and I'm worried the lens is getting scratched. So I was happy to see they carried the actual Sony lens caps. They don't stock them but hopefully it won't take too long to get here!

Now I'm off for a nap while O is napping. He's been a busy guy this weekend and tired me out!


:: gingerkitty :: said...

Oh I would like a new lens. Good Photo-ing Excited to see what you do with it! I just ordered from B and H and I am excited to see my stuff in time to play with it this weekend!

Noelia said...

Awesome macros Heather! You're so good at it! The flowers look gorgeous. So happy that you finally decided to order your macro lense, can't wait to see how you experiment with yours. One of these days you'll have to teach me about the mm for the different lenses and stuff...I know, I know, I should read my manual but I learn better when someone explains it to me :)

Henry Posner said...

Thanks for thinking of us. We're glad you've been satisfied with your past experiences here.
Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

Aimeslee said...

Way to go, girl, it's Miksang time soon! LOL, I will always remember you no matter what for introducing me to a photog art form that I like! I had figured you were really wanting that lens, so I'm very glad you ordered it. Gorgeous flowers, too!

jp said...

Fabulous photos! Wow! I would love to capture a great photo of the moon sometime....