Saturday, February 09, 2008

Alone in the house...

right now. Yes, all by myself. Well, with Ludwig too. But he doesn't do much but sleep and fart. Neither of which make any noise. I just finished working a collage and now I'm wrapped up in a blanket to type a bit. This does not happen very often. And I should really be working on our taxes!
This is a warm fuzzy blanket that used to be my grandma's. And it seems to be unusually warm for as light as it is. Maybe it's the blanket. Or maybe it's because it was my grandma's.

We are back to the deep freeze temps here in MN. I told Morgan the other day that I don't like winter. This is a bit of a slap in the face to him as he loves winter. The more snow the better. And to be honest it's not the snow I mind. Until it gets all dirty that is. But it's the gray and cold. When it's warmer or at least tolerable it's gray. And when it's sunny it's damn cold. Like right now. BLUE as BLUE can be outside and 9˚ with a wind chill of who knows how cold and there is plenty of wind! Tomorrow's high is supposed to be -2˚. The HIGH! It's just not for me. And one would think for as small as I am the blood would circulate well and I wouldn't be cold. But my hands and feet are always cold. Well, not my feet anymore since I got some Mammoth Crocs. But my hands are always cold. I've got a space heater in my craftroom so I can at least be warm in there when I work.

Tonight we are going to Morgan's work party. None of him immediate coworkers will be there though so we will have to mingle with new people. I'm not a good mingler. First there's always the "what do you do?" question. To which I answer "I stay home with our son" and then there's the chit chat about that which the other person usually doesn't have any idea about because they work or don't have children. I was thinking of making something up for tonight though. Like that I was a fashion designer of clothes for women who are short and chubby. Anyway, I just don't like to mingle and chit chat. There will be bowling though, so maybe we can do that rather than chit chat.

Oh, one more thing to share. The other night Morgan says to me, "I've decided for Valentine's Day that you can get the macro lens you want and I will get ice skates." He told me since I didn't get much of anything good for Christmas (this isn't true) I should have that lens. And he really wants ice skates. I think that's one of the things I like about marriage. No pretense. Just put it out there. Here's how it's going to be. Of course not everything is that way. But I like it when gifts can be that way. Don't get me wrong, I like surprises. They just have to be good ones. And in a way, this was a good one! I want that lens just as much as he wants the skates! So everyone's happy!


Noelia said...

Just take him up on his offer and get your lense!!
Nothing says "I love you" better than a macro lense don't you think? ;)
I hope you had a good time at Morgan's company party. I'm not good at mingling with people either. I should probably make up something good too next time I attend one of those functions like..."I'm a freelance writer and I blog daily to thousands of people and it pays our bills and mortgage"...HA!
It's very cold here too, 3°F but if feels like -22°F with windchill factor. And I know I may sound crazy to some people out there but I'd take these temps ANY day over the damp, humid and torrid hot summers that we have here in Toronto.

P.S Great picture of yourself. Love your photobooth photos, they always look great!

Anonymous said...

heather...I think byant park runway show needs you! I could be your head designer!
I hated saying that years ago...but looking back I would have never given up the chance to be home with my kids. Stand proud, you have the hardest most thankless job, but the rewards are endless.

Aimeslee said...

you are too funny, heather, loved the fashion designer thing. thanks for the chuckle. hope you got thru the party, and congrats on the lens. i agree about the gifting in marriage. for this val day hubs came in and asked me what he should get me and i said he already got me something and the guy was genuinely relieved, hehehe. gotta love it.

Sarah C. said...

BRR! I'd be wrapped up in a blanket too in that weather. Sounds like a good V-Day plan. Enjoy the new lens. :)

toners said...

LOL about the socializing - I have had those thoughts many fun it would be to make up something outrageous! Hee hee!