Friday, May 11, 2007


It is Friday, right!? I am never certain of the day! My mom and I are taking Owen to have his first professional portraits done today. Up until now I've done his pictures myself. In the garage or outside. But I decided I wanted to have some done in a studio. It should be an adventure!

Below is my latest completed project. It's a T-shirt for my best friend's daughter. Her birthday was the 8th and her party is tomorrow. Should be a little quieter than Owen's birthday party! She doesn't have any siblings or cousins!
I think Morgan took the camera to work today so I can't take a better picture of it right now. But the dark fabric is a chocolate brown with teal blue flowers and the middle is a cream with small leaves. The eyes are brown buttons and the beak is stitched in orange.

Here is my latest toy. We used one at the Donna Downey class I took and it was amazing! It punched through 8 sheets of cardstock like butter! And it sets eyelets and snaps the same way. I tried out the eyelet setter yesterday and it just smooshed it flat. No hammering! The only thing I dislike about it a bit is how wide the handles are. I have smaller hands so it's just a bit wide for a comfortable grasp. But I'll manage!
And this is a little album I made for Owen's birthday party. I took 1 picture from each month of his first year and put on the right side. On the left side I put pattern paper and a little journaling. I will post the finished album another day.
The base of the page are some coupons I got in the mail from Target. The backs were all solid colors and then the coupon was on the front. I just covered the coupon part with the picture and paper.And the 2P's challenge for today:

TWO Things About Me.

Two Names I Go by: Well, it's hard to get a nickname from Heather. But Morgan calls me Honey and my sister calls me Sissy.

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: Pajamas and undies!
Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: Laughter and honesty
Two of My Favorite Things to do: Make things and eat
Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: Well, I need a bath so I'll put that and I'm a bit obsessed about getting a new DSLR camera.
Two pets I have: I only have 1 pet and he's more than enough. And I'm sure Maggie would say he's the size of TWO!
Two things I did last night: Worked at the mortgage office and worked on Ella's t-shirt
Two things I ate today: a banana and a little debbie snack cake (yes, I know it's only 9:30am!)
Two people I just talked to last: Owen and Morgan
Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: Waking up and going to Ella's birthday party
Two longest car rides: Bozeman, MT and Portland, OR
Two Favorite Holidays: Halloween and my birthday week!
Two favorite beverages: Milk and Diet Coke with Lime
Two favorite scrapbooking tools: My see through grid rulers and my CTMH scissors
Two favorite scrappin companys: SEI and Cosmo Cricket

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers, grandmothers and aunts, and honorary mothers and aunts!


BonnieRose said...

loved reading more about u, great idea re the target coupons.. and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU TOO! I'm back here in MN on MOnday.. have a great weekend Heather!

It's Not Easy Being Green said...

Love the idea of using the coupons!

toners said...

Gorgeous album - very creative! Good luck at the photo shoot today :) And yay to laughter in relationships!! Have a great Mother's Day!

Noelia said...

I can't wait to see your mini completed! That tee is really cute! I see owls everywhere, they're so cute!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day Heather!

j said...

What great projects! I love that owl. Isn't it funny how owls are suddenly super popular? :-) Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Janet