Wednesday, May 09, 2007

so much to write...

so little time! It's already Wednesday! I've had hardly any time to blog this week! Owen's party was great! He had a good time and I can't believe he's one already. I'm sure I've said that a dozen times. I cried Friday night about it too. Morgan said it's not like he's going off to college and I looked at him and sobbed "but he will be!" Someday of course but time certainly does fly when you are a grown up!

Here are a few pictures from the party.
Owen wasn't into unwrapping his presents. I thought he would be since he likes to get into stuff but he wasn't. So I did the unwrapping, with some help from my niece, and my mom did the assembling and Owen did the inspecting!
Here is a cake shot. This is after I dragged his highchair back into the kitchen. He had a lot of frosting stuck to his hand and was shaking it to get it off and getting it on the carpet in the dining room!
And this is Owen riding in his new red wagon from Grammie (my mom). He loved it. For the most part. He's got to be strapped in and decided at the park he didn't like that and made a fuss. So my brother-in-law carried him while I pulled the wagon. Then my nephew jumped in the wagon and I pulled him. You may think this is no big deal but my oldest nephew is 11 and he's taller than I am and weighs more too. So it's a sturdy wagon! I got revenge though. After a bit I dumped him out and got in with Owen and made him pull us both!
And finally for today, the 2P's challenge is: It's summertime.
Let's talk dream cars.. what's yours?

This is my dream car. My summer dream car anyway. I love Minis. They are little and cute. And this is actually the one I would get. I went to the site and built it myself! Very cool site. They have a 90/10 policy you need to agree to for a convertible. Basically you need to drive it with the top down 90% of the time!
And it's a dream because 1.) we can't afford it or it's insurance and 2.) I don't think it would be a good car for Owen to be riding around it. No matter how fun it might be!

There are lots more things to write about but I've got a circle journal to write about and 3 years worth of clothes for Owen to find a home for! My SIL brought a bunch of hand-me-downs for him and I've sorted them all over the dining room table and living room but now I need to store them! Fortunately I won't have to buy Owen another GAP sweatshirt for at least 4 years!


toners said...

I'm glad the birthday celebration went so well, and the wagon photo is just gorgeous!! Have an awesome day :) Oh, and thanks for the kind words about my teacher project!

Maureen said...

Cute pics! If you cried then, just WAIT until the first day of school; that's when I lost it...

Noelia said...

What beautiful pictures! So you made it through the big ONE...I felt a little nostalgic when Josh turned one as well so I know what you mean. And like Maureen said above, you have many more milestones ahead so keep a good kleenex supply nearby.
So glad that you all a wonderful time.

P.S Love that mini!

Colleen said...

OK, how cute is he?!?! Love that cake picture! Glad everyone had fun at the party and there will no doubt be many more tears shed over how quickly he's growing/changing!

Anonymous said...

aawwww i was looking for u to see how lil 0's fiesta bday went. so glad to hear it was fun. love the wagon, we have one too, and i haul a almost 7yr (tom. is her bday) & a 10yrold...yeah...workout for mommie
luv the pics, thanx for sharing. have a good day

BonnieRose said...

I want a convertible too.. more later son my blog!

Lynn said...

Heather, I'm so glad that Owen had a Wonderful Birthday Party. He is growing soooo fast. I love the photos, he looks so adorable in the wagon.
A convertible is definately a summer car. I would love one also. Not sure what kind yet, but I have time to think that over.