Thursday, May 24, 2007

All caught up...

Week 16... get some one to contribute.

I asked Noelia to make an "A" for me. I had intended to have my sister do the "R" but I kept forgetting to give her the specifications so I just did a glittery one! And the "T" is a metal letter from Making Memories. The flourish is American Crafts.

Week 18...nature

I printed off the picture of the iris from my garden, added a rub on, wrote the word "beautiful", date stamped, sanded the edges and VOILA, done!

And finally week 19... surprise

For this card I used a paint sample strip and cut it to the size of my cards. Then I used a left over picture from Owen's mini album. And my theme for the theme is (as you can see) motherhood. Because everyday brings a new surprise, wonder, and delight!

I also finished up Owen's Mini Album. You can view it HERE.

Yesterday was an interesting day. The weather was hot and humid. About 2pm I put Owen down for his nap. It had just started to rain and I thought I'd get a picture of the rain and wind and while I was standing in the door (it was shut, I didn't want to get my camera wet!) the tornado sirens went off!! Owen must have gotten scared because he began to fuss (he hadn't fallen completely asleep yet either) so I didn't have to wake him when I ran in and got him. I grabbed a big heavy blanket and we went downstairs. Fortunately our basement is finished and our family room is down their so we played and watched TV. The whole severe part of the storm passed us in probably 5 minutes but not too far from us was some severe damage, power outages and some injuries. No deaths though, thank goodness. Apparently it was not a tornado but a microburst (which I will not explain, because I barely understood it myself!) and it went through a construction site where the workers had taken shelter in their construction trailers and those are none to sturdy. One was blown to bits and landed on a minivan and another was over turned. It's amazing no one was hurt!

The 2P's challenge for today is: What word describes your knowledge of the Internet? Vast. I'm pretty good at finding people and things out here on the invisible highway.


jillconyers said...

I love your DOM! I think I've found my summer!

Anonymous said...

what are you doing awake at 4:46?
and where do you find the time to do those cards? I don't have time and my kids are big!!

It's Not Easy Being Green said...

Great cards! Love that you had Noelia help with your card. Great idea to use the paint strip samples!

toners said...

Great work by you and Noelia :) Love it! And I'm glad all is OK after the storm...

Lynn said...

Heather, your DOM cards are so beautiful! The art one is so classic. I love what you did with the iris photo and the card with Owen is just wonderful, I never thought to use a paint strip sample. Owens mini album is lovely. I'm sure when he gets older he will cherish it.
Glad to hear that everyone is safe and sound

Alyssa said...

I love the Art stylish and cute...and the Owen book. OMGosh! I would have never thought to turn junk mail into a cute baby book. You are brilliant!

Noelia said...

Girl you know how much I love your DOM cards. All three of them turned out so beautiful and so you. Thanks for letting me participate, it was fun.
We had hot and humid weather yesterday and it felt like the sky was going to explode with some heavy rain but it never happened. We're fortunate that we don't get tornado alerts around here, glad you and Owen were ok through the ordeal.

I'm off to see Owen's album now : )

Roos said...

what a beautiful cards girl .
i love the first one week 16 , just lovely

greetings Roos

suebaru said...

Love your cards!