Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Learning to use utensils...

I don't know if it's too early, too late or just right for Owen to start using a spoon but we're giving it a go. He likes to hold the spoon and he can get it into the yogurt and into his mouth but for the most part he likes to "direct" with it a lot! Now that the first year is behind us my books have "expired" and I'm on my own. I could go find another development book but I'm winging it for now.

Last night he decided he wasn't going to bed and cried his little head off until someone went in for him. The second time Morgan just got him up. We ended up taking him for a drive which turned into a trip to Target. Owen thought this was just the best, smiling and laughing all the way! It did tire him out though and he fell fast asleep after I put him down. Maybe he just wasn't tired yet. I don't know. But I told him if he was trying to manipulate mommy and daddy we would eventually figure it out!

The 2P's challenge today is: let's blog about relationships. What are some of your most treasured relationships? Right now??

Well, I certainly value the good and stable relationship Morgan and I have. I am also happy to have a good relationship with both my mom and my sister. All three of them are there for me whenever I need them. They love and support me.

I treasure the relationship I had with my grandfather. My father was not around while I was growing up and I think my grandpa filled that place. We were like 2 peas in a pod. I am glad to have those memories.

I also treasure the relationship I have with my best friend from college and The Girls. (Maggie, Lori, and Nikki). All of them are great friends. They get me. And that's something that you don't find in friends all of the time. We all share similar senses of humor but are different enough that we balance one another out.

BJ and I have been friends for 12 or 13 years now. She was the RA on the floor I lived on my first year away at college. She is also the only sorority sister I am still in touch with on a regular basis.

The Girls are just The Girls. They are like unofficial sorority sisters. Co-workers by chance, friends by choice. I'm sure some at work would say we are a clique but we have always invited other people to join us in our fun, they just don't! Maybe that's because we are just too fun!

I've known Lori the longest. She's like the very smart and experienced Big Sister. Maggie was the best teaching partner I could have asked for. Smart, funny and sarcastic. It was just a bonus that we became friends. And Nikki is the youngest. I like to think of her as our Dirty Little Sister. She knows lots of things that middle schoolers know, hence the "dirty" part!
They are all very supportive and would do anything for me. I hope they know I feel the same way about them.


EquineSpirit said...

Great post! Owen is such a cutie!!

BonnieRose said...

What a great post! You are truly blessed to have ppl in your life that truly get you... that's so awesome! U are blessed.

EquineSpirit said...'s the weather?!? We were just under a tornado warning and had the dang sirens go off twice! Talk about a good way to wind up three little boys...LOL!

If ya like horses ya should come this way sometime and I could take ya out to the barn. My boy isn't old enough to ride but he's awefully fun to fuss over and he LOVES the attention!

Noelia said...

I remember Joshua trying to feed himself with a spoon. That didn't go too well but we also used yogourt. Keep at it and he'll get better at it. Until this day, I spoon feed Joshua for some meals such as soups. Sometimes he just wants me to feed him and I oblige because I like to think that he's still my little baby boy and in so many ways he is! It's great that you're taking pictures of Owen at these stages, they're fun pics too.

P.S I think your friends are very fortunate to have you as well : )

Lynn said...

Heather, great post! It sure sounds like your life is full with wonderful people. That is awesome.
Owen is just so adorable. He will get it very quickly. He's a smart one.