Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Week in My Life... thus far...

I think I already posted pictures from Monday. So I'm starting with Tuesday.

Lazy Mama lunch. We had some fruit and bread too. Fresh fruit and homemade bread. So that should make up for the canned ravioli.
Fun outside, just the two of us.
Owen and the gnome(man). Which sounds like snowman when Owen says it.
A little morning snack.
Owen watching TV in our room. NOT taking a nap! Which he never took yesterday and I really needed a nap!
MORE diapers! Owen says "diapers" like he's from Boston.
The best part of going to Target for kids. Popcorn and an Icee.
The first leaves on our driveway.
Wednesday's Lunch. Those are beets in case you can't tell. And Easy Mac. I LOVE Easy Mac. My sister introduced me to it and it's been love ever since.
Me and a busy background. But the kitchen is actually rather clean this week. And the pile of shoes has been cleaned up! I had contemplated cropping and retouching a bit but it's me in the kitchen as it is and that's my life.
O in the sandbox just before the weasel sighting. I didn't have the camera for that but we ran into the house. I'm not a fan of rat-like animals.
Tomatoes fresh from the garden.
This of course isn't all of the photos from Wednesday. But the day isn't over yet and I didn't want to load them up yet.

Part of my problem with projects like this is the number of pictures I take. And I can't narrow it down to a couple or even a few. Maybe because I'd rather tell a story with pictures rather than words so the more pictures the better. Which isn't necessarily true either. If the pictures are good then there don't need to be as many either.

Today (Wednesday) was an interesting day for a couple of reasons. I got to shower by myself in the morning AND take a relaxing bath by myself while O and Morgan were at the library. (They are there as I type!) A bird flew into the breezeway and then couldn't get out. Eventually it did, unharmed. We saw a weasel in the backyard. I thought it was a ferret. Regardless, O and I went in the house. I don't hang around to make friends with wild animals I can readily identify. And Mimi came to visit for a bit this afternoon. Owen wanted to ride in her car so we took a little drive. When we got back I asked Owen if we should go in the house and visit with Mimi for a bit and he said "no". Mimi asked him what he wanted to do then. To which he responded in a whispered voice, "go to the park". This just made me chuckle! I was expecting him to say "go to Mimi's house". He always wants to go to Mimi's house. My mom didn't hear him exactly so I repeated what he said. And she of course was more than happy to go to the park!

And now I think I'll watch a bit of TV before the boys come back. Maybe I'll fall asleep too!


Lee said...

Fun entry. Glad your enjoying some "me" time. I remember what a relief it was to bathe alone :)

toners said...

What a great idea for documenting your day :) Owen is such a cutie! And yes, Easy Mac is a wonderful thing... :)

noeliaevangelista said...

Great post! You have wonderful pictures that illustrate your day to day life. My problem has been the lack of pictures, I've been feeling sick too :(
I'm wondering if I should postpone the project until I feel better...

Lynn said...

What terrific photo's! O is getting so big. I wish I could take more photo's then I have been the past few days.
I'm so happy to hear that you were able to relax by yourself today, even if it's just a little bit. Its soooooo worth it.