Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

1. The Great Halloween Parrot, 2. Happy Halloween 2007, 3. Happy Halloween! ... porque haberlas, haylas ..., 4. Halloween, 5. oooOooOoo...Happy Halloween!, 6. Halloween 2005, 7. Dining room mantel Halloween style., 8. Happy Halloween!, 9. Happy Halloween '07, 10. Happy Halloween!, 11. Halloween magic is in the air....., 12. halloween bokeh, 13. Fairy Tale Creatures : Kawasaki-Halloween 2006, 14. Happy Halloween!!, 15. shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen...voices whisper in the trees, "Tonight is Halloween!", 16. Have yourself a spookylicious Halloween, 17. Happy Halloween!, 18. Halloween Witch (detail), 19. this is halloween!!, 20. Happy Halloween!!

I didn't have any Halloween pictures of my own to share so I did a mosaic instead. Found some great stuff on Flickr. I know I say this every time I do one of these but I LOVE Flickr!

Owen still hasn't decided on a costume! I wrestled him into his Elmo costume yesterday but he wiggled out quickly saying "no mama!". So he may just go as a toddler! I may use Maggie's stand by costume too. A shirt with a red, yellow and green spot on it for a stop light! She's so clever!

We also haven't carved O's pumpkin yet. Maybe he and I will do that today.

CKC was fun. It wasn't as big as I had expected or as busy. Not being busy was nice. Not so many people to deal with. That's my least favorite thing about those events. All the crazy scrappers! I got some Rusty Pickle papers and rub-ons. All 50% off. Some Scenic Route arrows for 20% off. I love those arrows. And a couple of SEI albums for $5 each. There was this cool new book binding system called the Unibind that I would like to have gotten but I didn't want to part with the money.

Tomorrow I'm scrapping again. A friend of Lisa's is a CM consultant and she's hosting a 9am-12am Photopalooza! Morgan said to me last night, "I think you should go for the whole time and get it out of your system. See if you can make it the whole 15 hours!" I guess I've been scrapping a lot lately!

I printed some pictures for tomorrow. I've got 21 pictures to put on 2 layouts. Rather ambitious for me. BJ has gotten good at getting a ton of pictures on a layout so I'm going to give it a go. One layout is from our visit to the apple orchard and the other is of Owen's baking adventures. Then I've got a bunch of other layouts and projects to work on. Should be fun.

I'm being told it's time to be done by Owen! He's getting kind of pushy lately! Hope everyone has a great Friday and a Happy Halloween!


Benita said...

Love the photo collage. Glad you had fun at CKC & you got a lot of great deals! Can't wait to see the layouts you do. Happy Halloween :)

noeliaevangelista said...

I can't wait to see what Owen is going to dress up as! Danelia is going to be Hermione from Harry Potter and Joshua is going to be a cowboy. Joshua's school issued a challenge to use recycled/already owned things to make a halloween costume. They're a very green oriented shoool (this I found out very early on and I'm quite glad about it) so I took the challenge and all I had to buy for Joshua's costume was a cowboy hat and a bandana to tie around his neck and voila!

Have a safe and happy halloween!

Sarah C. said...

Happy Halloween! What a great mosaic. :) The stoplight idea is hilarious.

jill said...

Perfect mosaic! I should have thought of that this a.m. when I wanted to do a halloween post on my blog.

Have a happy halloween!