Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Random thoughts for Tuesday...

Yes, another random post. I don't have any specific things to write about today. Or this week probably. Just a random bunch of thoughts running through my head.

Going sugar free was a bad idea for me. I had terrible headaches every afternoon/evening all of early last week. Then finally on Thursday I decided to have a few cinnamon graham crackers after lunch and then NO HEADACHE! I'm trying a moderation approach instead. Sugar+moderation don't generally work for me but perhaps I need to put forth a little more effort.

Owen has been throwing some major fits lately when he doesn't get his way. Last night he wanted to play downstairs rather than take a bath or get ready for bed. I didn't put him down until 9pm and he didn't fall asleep until 10ish and then woke up again at about 3am. He wanted me to sleep with him but I convinced him to stay in his bed with 2 bears, Elmo and George.

Morgan got a video at the library called Elmo's Magic Cookbook. Owen loves it. He watches it everyday. Sometimes multiple times. We watched a little bit of it last night after tubtime. It was how I convinced him to stop bawling and get out of the tub. He wanted to go to the store with Morgan and then he wanted to stay in the tub with the water running. Since he couldn't do either he ended up throwing a huge crying fit. It just seems to be harder and harder to get him settled down in the evening so he can go to bed. We've started doing some family yoga to wind down together.

Yesterday we spent most of the day at Mimi's. She isn't working this week. I asked Owen if he wanted to go to Mimi's as he was getting ready to unload the baking pans cabinet and he said "Okay, Owen ready." Which is amazing because he's rarely "ready" to go anywhere! He was actually dressed and had on a clean diaper! But I of course was not ready. So by the time I was ready and asked him if he was he said "no". Fortunately it's not hard to convince Owen to go to Mimi's house. We had a good time at Mimi's. Went out for lunch and then a leisurely trip through Wal-Mart for jeans for me, a light bulb for Owen's lamp (which he was obsessed about) and a few other things. My sister found some good jeans for $16 at Wal-Mart. A little stretch but not too much and a good fit for our curvy butts. And since I only spent $16 on them I won't feel bad when they get dirty!

Today is cool and rainy. Just the right kind of day for baking. I've been thinking of making some snickerdoodles and some pumpkin bread or muffins. I love pumpkin anything in the fall. Or anytime of year actually but it seems like I always make it in the fall.

Not much else on our schedule for the day. I've been working on an ABC book for Owen of Animals using a couple cricut cartridges. I also need to add a few touches to the layouts I worked on on Saturday. I didn't think it was possible for me to scrap any slower but I did. I finished up one layout I worked on the previous Saturday and then did one more 12x12 double layout and one single one. In TEN hours! That is some serious slowness! I've got to work on my efficiency!


Lee said...

Sorry Owen is asserting himself ... in the middle of the night! Hope you get some good rest. And, I agree, moderation is key - for just about anything :)

Lily said...

thanks for the update. Hang in there with the sleep stuff. With my kids the key was routine and consistency.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't possibly go on a no-sugar diet! Especially this time of year when all I want to do is bake! Sorry to hear that O is giving you a hard time at night. I remember those days and I will say it again, it will pass so hang in there.