Thursday, October 16, 2008

What day is it!????

Oh yeah, Thursday. I thought yesterday was Thursday because I worked last night rather than working tonight.

This morning Owen and I went to the Maple Maze. It's this indoor playground thing for kids. What a zoo! Me, Owen and a crap ton of other kids running around like animals. Fun stuff! Have I ever mentioned how much I don't care for other people kids out in public?? Owen was not a fan of the big maze thing so I was trying to get him out as quickly as possible down this tube that is for climbing. Not a slide. Which I was reminded by a 5 year old. Yes, thank you, I know it's not a slide. Please go back down. Now! And then another child who belonged to someone else came up! So I told him to please go back down. To which he replied "I was coming up first". I wanted to respond LIKE HELL! GET OUT DAMN IT! But I calmly responded to him with my same request. Seriously, where do these children learn to talk to adults like this?! I'm all for kids having a voice but I'm totally for kids doing what they are told by an adult if the request is not harmful to them in any way! After I extracted Owen from the big kids part we stayed in the 3 and under part except for the running around and exploring the rest of the community center. I survived about an hour and a half of this. Then I told Owen we could go look at the pool for a bit longer and then have lunch. He wanted more breakfast. I told him he could call it whatever he wanted it was just a matter or timing anyway. We went to Noodles and shared Pesto Cavatappi with chicken and a cookie.

Did I mention it's MEA weekend (Minnesota Education Association conference. Or now called Education Minnesota. (what's the diff????) Not a kid in the state is in school today or tomorrow!) EVERYONE was at the Maze and Noodles!

Anyway, I've decided today is the day to get out the electric blanket. I'm freakin cold! Morgan will be thrilled with this! His super hero name would be Mr. Radiant Heat. I'm going to put the electric blanket between the down comforter and the regular blanket both already on our bed. Then I will hide the control under my side of the bed and hopefully he won't notice for a few days. If I'm really sneaky it could go undetected for a whole week! But inevitably I will get greedy for warmth and turn it up too high and he will notice. He thinks I try to cook him in the winter with the blanket! He still hasn't realized that without him I'd have to actually get a job and work! He's worth so much more to me alive!


muirwoodsue said...

Oh - love the fabric you picked for jammie bottoms. Looks like that will be nice and snuggly. I love electric blankets - especially getting into a nice warm bed.
When my kids were little, they went to Leaps and Bounds or other types of indoor play areas and there were so many bratty kids. I am sure I gave a few kids a dirty look and a scolding for misbehavior since the parents were NEVER around.

Janet said...

Oh, those play places make me crazy, too! Not to mention the germs that must be living in those places. Geesh!
I'm in Iowa but it's really cold here, too. I've been freezing for a week now, and it's only 50 degrees! Enjoy that blanket. I don't have one b/c of the kitties...don't want to fry them! lol

Janet said...

Oops, forgot to tell you that I tagged you on my blog!

Lily said...

kids climbing UP slides is a big pet peeve of mine! Kudos to you on not telling the little monster off

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Morgan is definitely very rentable, quite the investment right? I don't do indoor playgrounds either unless Danelia comes with me and Joshua. She's still at that age where she loves those things and she climbs everywhere with Josh while I relax and have some tea or something but always keeping an eye on them because there's some kids that push down the slides...