Monday, June 23, 2008

When it's warm...

one of my favorite things to make when it's warm are smoothies. Owen loves them too. "More moothie" he says. Here is the easy recipe for the one I've been making lately.

1c frozen berries- I use raspberries or mixed berries
1 banana- It's best if it's been frozen
1/2-1c water, depends on how thick or thin you want it and how well your blender works!
2 bunches spinach

I get the berries and the banana blended up with the water first. When that's good and pureed I put in the spinach. If you over do the spinach it you will be able to tell. It won't be sweet but a bit bland/bitter. Like too much spinach. I like it to be rather thick and the frozen banana helps.


Noelia said...

Yummy! I have yet to try spinach in my smoothies.

Lynn said...

hmmmm that is a very interesting combination of ingredients. I'm not big on green veggies, but you never know.

I just loved that YouTube Elmo potty tape. Very cute.

Alli said...

oh Heather you lost me on the spinach I'm I love it but not as a drink, so good you can get Owen to drink it though!

Janet said...

The berries and bananas sound good, but I'd have to put on my brave shoes to try the spinach! I'm sure it's very good for you, though! lol