Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The rest of the trip & some cuteness & a funny...

Just a warning, there are a crap ton of photos in this post! Here are the rest of the trip photos I'm going to share. They are essentially all the ones I included in the travel journal which is mostly finished! I decided it was easier just to resize the ones I'd already edited than to edit more just to post here.

In Rapid City we took Owen to this place called Storybook Island, a children's theme park. The first two pictures are from there. The top one is this little tunnel in the Winnie the Pooh scene. The man in the foreground is my uncle. As you can see I got a zero in the height gene from that side! And he's one of the shorter uncles! The tallest of my uncles is 6'5".
This is Owen in the Cat in the Hat scene.

This is Owen and Grandpa (Morgan's Dad) when we arrived in Montana.

This is Owen watching dee-dee (his blanket) in the washer. What a traumatic experience!

This is downtown Bozeman. Notice anything weird!? Yeah, that's a DOG sitting on an ATV parked by the curb! And this is not an uncommon thing. There are dogs all over place in the downtown. It's not something I enjoy! Oh, and they are not always on a leash. And if they are they are tethered to a pole waiting for their owner to come back.

One of the days we were in MT my FIL and I went out for some landscape shooting. This is a shot of the mountains (The Spanish Peaks) just to the southwest of my in-laws house. That's my FIL in the lower left corner.

A small shed down the road from the mountains.

A little colt at the neighbors house.

Another day we ended up taking a 6 hour drive. It wasn't supposed to be that long. We were going to go hiking and my FIL took the scenic route. Which was way longer than the highway! But the good thing was almost all the pictures I took during the trip turned out nicely. The next three are from that little trip.

Morgan took this one. It's one of my favorites from the trip.
O and Morgan taking a break from the car ride. One of the things I love about Montana is the wide openess of it. You can get close to the mountains too but there is a lot of valley or basins and it makes the sky feel huge. So there is a reason why Montana is called Big Sky country.

This is the church for the oldest congregation in Montana. It's in a tiny little town but I can't remember it's name. Morgan took this picture too.

On another day we went for a shorter drive along the Gallatin River and had a picnic. These are pictures from that little trip. We were hoping to see some kayakers but there was just one. The water may have been too high for them.

I don't know what this is. Moth or butterfly. Probably moth. But it was pretty either way!

On our last day in Montana Morgan and I did a little downtown tour by ourselves. There is an arts magnet sort of school there. The first two pictures are of some sculptures in the yard of the school.

There is a little creek, which was very full, that winds it's way through downtown and actually goes below one of the buildings.

A cute little house Morgan took a picture of.

The apple trees were in full bloom all over the place. They were gorgeous!

So that's our trip in a nutshell! There are a ton more pictures that I may print for my photo album or layouts, but then again I did the travel journal so maybe I will just be finished!

The cuteness... This is a picture I took today of Owen. I was using my 90mm macro to make sure it still worked after Owen dropped it on the floor. He got a hold of it while I was changing lenses. Fortunately it was okay. He was having fun posing for me. I would say "hey" and then he would say "hey" and I'd take a picture. Then he would say "more hey" and so I'd repeat and he'd smile and say "hey". He's a bit of a ham.

The funny... Tonight (I'm writing this Tuesday to post Wednesday) during dinner I was telling Morgan about this workout book I'm reading. We're having pleasant conversation and talking with Owen. Then, out of the blue, Morgan says "Well, I'm going to go in the bathroom and drop a load. Owen, do you want to come too?" As he said this I was taking a drink of my milk and just about spewed it out my nose! I had to cover my mouth but I was still laughing, which Owen thought was funny so he started copying what I was doing. So we had a bit more potty talk and then Morgan starts in with blowing his nose. Another sound that I loathe! Owen did not end up "dropping a load" but he did put a little potty in the potty! Then proceeded to run around in his little football jersey without a diaper on! This is my life with boys!


Sarah C. said...

Gorgeous photos! Montana is beautiful! I think my favorite photo is the one of Owen sitting on the log with his little arms crossed. So stinkin' cute! :) tfs! Glad you all had a great trip!

Creative Junkie said...

WOW WOW WOW. Your photos are just ... drop dead gorgeous! I love your perspective on a lot of them. WOW.

BonnieRose said...

all your photos are so beautiful.. love all the cloud ones.. and omg.. what ur hubby said about dropping a load.. hilarious! MEN!

Jennie said...

I absolutely love your photos :) Are they all taken with the Sony Alpha 100? I've kind of been thinking about that camera as I have Minolta lenses.

Sharmaine said...

hehe still laughing at the load!!
Great photos

Noelia said...

Montana sure is beautiful! I love your pics especially the picture of the little Church, I love how the cross is exactly in the middle of the picture high into the sky...really nice composition. Love the last shot of O too, you really captured something especial there, he's such a cutie! Can't wait to see your projects :)

Lynn said...

Hey Heather! I've missed you! I'm so glad that you all had a great time on your trip. The photos are magnificent! I just love all the openest out there. Morgan did a great job as a photographer also. I think the cutest photo is the one of Owen sitting on the log. Looks like he is saying... Hello... take my picture already. Just toooo cute.

BTW---- I think I warned you about boys, ugh! It just never ends.

emily said...

I know I've said it before but your photos are AMAZING! I love the Cat in the Hat picture and the one of the horse...the are all beautiful! I find them inspiring...the perspective and your point of view. Thanks for posting them!

Janet, aka JP said... got some fantastic photos from the trip! It's absolutely beautiful there! TFS! Janet