Tuesday, June 24, 2008

America's Favorite Pastime...

On Friday we took Owen to a St. Paul Saints game. Now I have to confess I was pretty excited about this little outing. It was Owen's first baseball game. Or any game for that matter. And Saints are supposed to be fun. We went a bit early because we had general admission seats so we wanted to get a good spot. And it was a nice day for a game.

Now let's keep in mind that I'm not a fan of baseball. I find it boring. Really boring. It moves slow and if you aren't paying attention, and I'm usually not, you will miss anything exciting that may happen. It also happens that the general admission seats are way off to the sides of the field. We were sitting down toward the ground by third base and it was difficult to see home plate. We were also sitting on bleachers. You know those? The ones on the high school ballfields?? Not kid friendly! Owen was having a great time looking at other peoples feet! And the pig didn't even come way down where we were sitting! Oh, and when we first sat down and Owen saw the players on the field warming up he got real excited and yelled "hockey!". Yes, that's my kid!

So I did what I normally do when I'm a bit bored and took pictures! What a pair! Owen wasn't a big fan of sitting still!
Mag, I think #31 is cute. How about you?

Wally the Beer Man was there too! But I didn't get his picture.
And check out the LENS on that guy!? We took this for Morgan's dad, who has a really big lens. But not that big!

We watched the first couple of innings and then Owen started saying "dee-dee" "dee-dee", which is what he calls his blanket. It was about 7:45, bedtime! So we decided we had a good enough time and we left. Maybe the reserved seats would have been better, I don't know. Given my interest in any of the baseball games I've ever attended I'm going to guess the seats weren't the real problem! Oh, and we didn't pay for the tickets. Morgan got them from work. So we only paid for parking and beverages. It was still fun because no one threw a fit, no one got hurt, and no one got yelled at!

A little update on my aunt. She is making slow but steady progress. She is now off the paralytic drugs, which was a very good thing. My cousin has started a Caring Bridge Website if you are interested in visiting. You can access it here. We are thankful for all the prayers coming our way.

Today we have the audiologist coming out to check Owen's hearing. I have to say one of the great things about the early intervention programs in MN is that the people come to our house. For all the appointments through the school district the people have come to us. Now I don't have any concerns specifically about Owen's hearing but the physiatrist thought it would be good to check him anyway. I'm pretty sure he hears just fine. He just doesn't always listen to me!


Benita said...

I haven't been to a baseball game in ages! Looks like you had a great time & you got some great shots :)

Renee said...

Great pics. I am not a baseball fan either. Looks like you all had a great time.

Janet said...

Great photos and story from the game! You have the makings of a great sb page!

Glad to hear your aunt is making progress. That is wonderful news.

Danelia said...

I only went once to a baseball game and I thought it moved so slow as well so I don't blame you for feeling the same way. At least you got some shots that would make a great page for O's first ball game :)

I was checking out that lens on that guy...love the camo covering he ha, very cool!

CA-scrappin said...

I keep saying we are going to take the kids to a game. They have both been, but not with us. DH hates baseball. I just like looking at the cute players. and all the crazy fans.