Thursday, June 12, 2008

2 layouts & a thought...

Here are a couple of layouts I completed on Friday. They are part of the Owen Year 2 collection! I'm going to stick them in his First year book rather than get a new book. The first one is hiking in June and the second is him learning to walk in July.

Here's my thought for the day. Sometimes internet companies or providers or sites will tell you that things may be running slow during peak hours. Isn't is always peak hours somewhere? The world has time zones so it's always peak hours. I understand that here in MN it may be peak hours from 5-10pm or something like that. But as far as websites go they should plan for high volume all the time because somewhere in the world people are surfing!

Okay, Maureen's challenge for today is: What is the greatest lesson you've learned so far in your life? Things don't always go according to my plan. It would be nice if God and I had the same plan but we probably don't. I'm just a co-pilot. I'm slowly learning to accept that.


Sarah C. said...

Great pages! He's grown so much! Love the horizontal stripes on the 2nd one - really carries your eye across the photos. :)

Excellent lesson. It really is hard to let go a bit and realize we aren't totally in control, isn't it?

Noelia said...

Your pages are great and love the fact that they're double spreads! The photos of O learning to walk are priceless.