Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Some creations...

Below is the blessings book I made for the year. The cover and back cover are packaging chipboard and the majority of the pages are scraps from my stash.

I cut scalloped circles with my cricut and then stamped the numbers with the CTMH playful numbers. One of my favorite alphabet/number sets.
This is the quote from Ali's blog that I posted a few posts ago. I put inside the front cover.
Here's another view of the inside pages.
This is the calendar I created for my girlfriends for Christmas. The months are by Jessica Sprague and I used brushes from various artists. All found on the internet and most were free for personal use. The pages measure about 3.5x4 and sit on a tiny easel from Dick Blick. I was so excited to find them again when Owen and I were there in November. I bought a bunch at the time not knowing what I would make the use them for but then I decided on a little calendar. The pages are printed on a shimmery cream colored cardstock that really work well with the designs. I think it looks rather elegant. The most painful part was rounding all those corners! My corner rounder doesn't seem to make a clean cut so there were fuzzy edges which I was not happy with.

Below are all of the pages of the calendar.

Today I am working on getting all the laundry done and put away. There have been piles of clean clothes sitting on my laundry room table for a couple of weeks and it just bugs me when they aren't put away. First, I can't easily fold new loads. And second, Morgan is always asking me if something is clean. If it's all put away then there aren't any questions or digging in the piles and creating not so neat piles! I also love the satisfaction of everything being clean and put away except for what's on my body. Owen even helped with the laundry by pushing his clothes basket into his room and putting his socks in the drawer. We also depilled a sweater vest together which he then put in his drawer! He loves to help.

The sun finally seems to making an appearance today. I was skeptical but there have been peeks of it on and off throughout the day. We are having a bit of a January thaw right now so I've stopped wearing my coat and switched to my down vest! I love vests. No bulky sleeves to deal with or bunchiness in the armpits!


Maureen said...

Thats a neat book. How cute is that calendar? I love it

Noelia said...

Love your blessings book and the introductory quote! The little scalloped numbers are so cute! The calendars you made are so cool! I love them all! What a great little gift! So glad you were able to find those little mini easels. All the snow is gone here too because we had lots of rain but Mr. Winter will make a come back soon enough...

Dana said...

Love the cards and the mini albums