Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Happy Tuesday from the Frigid Upper Midwest!
This is me staying warm in my favorite sweater by the heat register!

Today I'd like to share with you a little bit about our beloved dog. Some of you know him (and fear him!) already. His name is Ludwig. He will soon be 8 years old. He is a retired greyhound. Here he is lounging on one of his 3 dog beds. He spends most of his days like this. Please don't take note of the rug. It desperately needs to be vacuumed but I don't like to disturb Ludwig to do that. So it goes unvacuumed. (which isn't a word!) Anyway, what you can't see, and what I wish to share with all of you is the stench this dog puts out! I'm not sure why he stinks so bad but WOW! Can he fart! And it's silent. Except for a slight escape of air that you can only hear if you are quiet and listening. Otherwise it just assaults your nose and over powers until you practically feel like you're going to pass out. SERIOUSLY! One day I was driving to work and I would have sworn he had been in my car. It was imprinted in my nose and I smelled it all the way to work. We feed him dog food. Expensive dog food. And still he farts. Maybe he's still getting too much people food from Owen. I don't know. But it's bad. My sister can attest to it. His room of choice just happens to be our study where the computer is and so I spend a lot of time with "stinky".

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

My dog's fart is pretty bad too. :)
My vet told me that it was due to a lack of fibre in the dog's diet. So I started adding fresh veg. (usually carrots/ tomatoes) into his usual dog food. It works! Hope your dog likes veggies!

toners said...

Dogs can definitely hold their own in the farting department :) Keep warm!!